5 Tips For Finding A Bank

Is it time for you to change banks? If your interest savings seems anemic and you find yourself paying sky high ATM fees you might need to make a decision. Being in your banking comfort zone can blind you from the light of truth. Sure you’re happy and comfortable with your current bank but have you noticed how much money you’re leaving on the table? Some banking institutions capitalize heavily on uninformed clients. Do your online and offline homework to find the right bank for you and your family.

Make the Change

When it’s time to find a new bank make a firm and definite decision to pick your financial institution. Don’t drag your feet. If you’ve noticed a distinct change in service or far fewer benefits begin looking for a new bank immediately. Some otherwise fiscally intelligent investors are blind to making necessary changes on the banking front. Just because you’re attached to a certain bank doesn’t mean the bank best services your needs. Although you’re likely attached to your current bank you can spot warning signals that it’s time to move on. Heed these signs and make the change.

Shop for Benefits

Benefits-laden banks can best serve your needs depending on the relevance of bells and whistles. For example, travelers can find immense benefits by using online banking.  Globe trotters can share tales of woe related to sky high ATM fees. Some banks offer low or no fees at all. This sounds like magic to a frequent traveler who regularly takes out money from points all over the globe. Do your homework to find a bank which best serves you and your particular needs.


Even if you’re primarily using your bank for its online tools choose a local bank to maximize the convenience factor. If you have any problems you can visit the bank within minutes to straighten out issues. Factor in quick visits to your bank ATM or teller and you’ll be avoiding headaches suffered by clients who didn’t think through the location factor. As for proximity, decide which bank best works for you and your family. Some may wish to have their bank within walking distance while other folks might not mind driving for 15 minutes to visit their local branch. Weigh out your commuting tolerance before making your choice.

ATM Visibility

Does your new bank give you access to a large network of ATMs? Fees can erode your checking account over time. Pick a bank with an expansive ATM network to save yourself money and time.

Use the Internet

Leveraging your knowledge by cyber shopping for banks is the smart thing to do. Don’t drive for hours on end to whittle down your watch list of potential banks. Be smart by researching potential banks online. Visit niche specific forums to get the latest scuttlebutt on banks in your area. Ask questions about banks to generate user feedback. By tapping into the experiences of others online you can more easily  locate the right bank for you.

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