Its The Women Who Empowers the City of San Diego

Chain of restaurants, or popularly known as the casual dining spots are one of the universal things found all over America. There are almost thousands of such establishments that have clustered in all the crowded centers of the United States. They’ve not just filled the appetite of the hungry crowd but also strengthened the economic backbone. Seeing the prospective growth of this industry, a lot of entrepreneurs though of a start up, one among them being Gina Champion-Cain, who have not restricted her wings into these chain of restaurants, but also had her business spread in the real estate industry as well. In fact, the Mission Hills MI residents is a brand name in the corporate industry of America. So when the chief executive officer and the Chairman of Patio Chain of restaurants was asked about how she got the idea of opening the chain of restaurants, she said that it was just passion of doing business that turned into a prospective profession. But there are some set rules and steps which need to be followed.

  • The quintessential factor for starting up a chain of restaurants, is never to be a chain. Never let stereo-typification creep in the name of your restaurants. Get more of heart and soul into the business. Most of the chain restaurants have the tendency of hiring the like minded managements and transplanting at all of their stores. This needs to be changed. The palettes might be the same, but each and every store must have the local colors, that will make the customers find some similar faces and will make in to the restaurants.
  • The Patio Chain of restaurants have successfully been the hub of the town, county seat and a preferable gathering place. They are involved with all the life centers of the place, namely the high schools, colleges, sport teams and the like. What most of the restaurants need is the repeat business and that can be attained only if you start making yourself look like the part of the community so that you get some loyal regulars who’ll never step in any other places.
  • Managing two is easy, but with the numbers being three or even four, you start getting thinner. The more the number of restaurants, the less the time for you to spend in each one of them. You wont have more than 24 hours in a day. So the best thing who can act as your proxy is the staff. So your toughest part is to teach them to be the you, with their individual touch kept intact. You must make the motto of ‘Connecting People’ as you own, this will definitely lead you steps towards your success.

Ask Gina Champion-Cain, and you’ll get to know that money is not the final say, its twice the work than the money which counts in the business. She has been successfully blending the Californian culture in to the business and has been in the cover page of the The Women magazine for being the most accomplished business entrepreneur of San Diego. Success Beckons Her Now And Then.