Video SEO Strategies That Work

When it comes to SEO, the power of the written word increases exponentially when applied to videos. Favored by the majority of search engine users, who prefer to receive information via the engaging format, videos also tend to rate well with Google. Plus, YouTube is the second largest search engine, receiving a high volume of traffic.

These benefits make video an excellent marketing tool for your company. A good Atlanta SEO company will incorporate certain factors when optimizing the videos on your website for SEO.

Shoot Videos for Mobile 

A growing number of people conduct searches and watch videos on their smartphones, so it is imperative to shoot videos with these small screens in mind. Any important text or images should be large enough to decipher on a phone and videos should be shot sideways.

Upload Videos Frequently

Today’s consumers tend to lack patience due to the wealth of content available to them. So if you only post a video once a month or less, they may very well move to greener pastures to find the information they are seeking. Frequency is also important for keeping them engaged with your brand.

Establishing and maintaining a schedule is helpful. If users know that they can find a new video with valuable content every Monday, for example, they are more likely to return. Make sure that if you provide a schedule, your Atlanta SEO services stick to it. It only takes a few minutes and your Atlanta SEO company can optimize the videos for you.

Quality Matters

Every single element of your website, from the banners to the videos, portrays an image of your business. A video with good quality sound and lighting goes a long way in demonstrating your professionalism and industry authority. It also shows that you care about the quality of your work.

A high quality video does not have to break the bank. You can shoot it on any phone with HD capabilities and can purchase professional quality microphones for very little money. It is also quite affordable to get footage for short pieces edited by production companies.

Leverage Description Fields

Rather than tossing off a bland factual description of each video, a firm that provides Atlanta SEO services should write title, description and annotation content that is compelling, relevant to target audiences and using all of your top keywords. The copy should also let users know exactly what they can gain by watching the video.

Work with your Atlanta SEO company to implement all of the aforementioned tips into your video SEO strategy and increase your chances of generating more hits and obtaining higher SEO rankings.