Tips For Finding The Right Candidate For A Job

Finding the right person for a job that you have available within your company can be very difficult, however there are certain things that you can do to give yourself the edge and to save time during the recruitment process. In this article I will be going through some of these things and I hope that they will help you when trying to employ the right person for new positions.

Build Your Reputation

This can be one of the most important factors when trying to hire the perfect member of staff. Word spreads very quickly when it comes to both good and bad places to work and it is therefore important that you give people only positive things to share. You can do this by treating your staff with respect and rewarding them for performing above and beyond what is expected. You can also do this by focusing on the environment where your staff spend their days to ensure everyone is happy and more likely to be positive when talking about your company.

Look within your Existing Team

It would be very surprising if you didn’t have a current employee that would be delighted to have the opportunity at improving their position within your company. You will often find that existing staff will fit in better to a new position and will also work harder to achieve success because they already have an understanding of what is needed and they will want to prove themselves to show that they deserve the promotion that you have given them.

Overlooking existing staff could potentially damage morale within your company and have a negative affect across the board. This can impact your reputation as well as your possibilities for growth.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

If you have a specific position available within your company and you have written a detailed job specification then it is very important that you employ someone who is as close as possible to this specification. This should not just apply to the skills that the person has but it should also apply to previous experience that they have gained by working with other companies in your industry.

Another important thing to consider is that just because someone has worked for a competitor of yours it does not mean that they will be able to perform as well for your company. Different companies operate in different ways and it can therefore be extremely beneficial to find someone who has worked for a competitor that is run in a similar fashion to your own business.

Ask for Recommendations

Quite often you will find the members of your existing team have friends or acquaintances from a similar industry and they will be happy to recommend them. The positive side of this is that recommendations are often only offered if the existing member of staff feels comfortable in doing so. They would not want to tarnish their own reputation by recommending someone who would not necessarily be right for the job.

You can also ask other business owners that you know if they can recommend anyone that they might have previously dealt with.

There are many other tips out that will help you to find the right candidate for an open position but I hope that these will at least get you started and give you some food for thought.