3 Tips For Getting Clean and Sober

Getting clean and sober is the greatest challenge for any former addict. Fighting through withdrawal may seem impossible to someone who wants to kick the habit for good. Use these 3 tips to rid yourself of your addiction and to improve the quality of your life.

Surround Yourself with Uplifting People

Struggling addicts make their lives harder by continuing to associate with enablers and other low energy folks who encourage them to use again. Kick these folks to the curb. Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people who’ll support you through your darkest days.

Positive people make your recovery easier to stomach. If you feel lost having an inspired network of friends can boost your mood instantly. When you reach milestones your uplifting friend network will celebrate the momentous occasion with you. Hang with winners.  Leave low energy folks behind for good.

Work on Your Mindset Persistently

How you feel predominantly affects your ability to remain clean and sober. Temptations will arise but if you discipline yourself to make the high energy choice amidst these temptations you’ll have few problems taking the straight and narrow path to recovery.

Although you need to take recovery one day at a time it never hurts to have a vision for a bright new future. Meditating, visualize and affirming can all help you stay addiction-free for the long haul. Addicts who learn how to choose their thoughts and feelings despite being tempted by temporary cravings are able to kick their habit for good.

Spend 30 to 60 minutes daily working on your mindset. Read self help books and listen to inspirational audios to raise your vibe. Feel better most of the time to ward off those few moments of temptation.

Get Treatment

Sometimes you’ll need more than a strong network of friends and personal development to fight through your demons. The most strong-willed person can be brought to their knees while in the throes of a particularly vicious withdrawal. Since you have decided you don’t want to give up and fall back into your dangerous habit seek treatment from professionals to remain sober.

Many professionals who work at treatment facilities took a similar journey through addiction and recovery. You can relate with folks who know what it’s like to crave the highest of highs. Speaking to someone who knows the agony of suffering through withdrawal can help you to make it through these difficult times without falling back into using.

More than anything most former addicts need professional help during both good and bad times because cravings can motivate you to find any excuse imaginable to begin using again. Maybe you want to take a hit to celebrate a milestone or perhaps you need to escape the pain and suffering of dealing with demons you used to keep at bay through your drug use.

Licensed, experience professionals know how to handle former addicts experiencing these emotional highs and lows. Research online and speak to any former addicts offline for a network of treatment centers in your vicinity.

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