How To Stay Warm At Home Without Much Heat

Now that the cooler temperatures of winter are upon us any inefficiencies in home heating systems are more noticeable. There are a few reason why you’re finding it challenging to keep warm during these dreary winter days and cooler nights. Some people feel the cold more than others and poor heating methods don’t help the situations when you’re struggling to stay warm enough.

If your a renter the landlord could be unaware that the heat isn’t working properly and everyone has experienced those buildings where the heat breaks down at the worst times. Homeowners might find their current home heating system really needs upgrading to a more heat efficient one, even heat loss through windows is more of a problem in the winter months. Whatever the reason here are some tips from our favourite Victoria Glass shop to stay warmer indoors.

  • If you can’t afford to heat your home get in touch with your energy provider, they will work with you to find a payment plan you can afford. Research any government programs that might provide some financial assistance.
  • Eat enough fat to keep your thyroid and metabolism functioning properly will help keep you warm this winter.
  • Taking a hot shower or bath followed by lotion applied to your skin acts almost like a second layer of clothing
  • Humidity holds heat so think about increasing the humidity level might improve your comfort level
  • Try a hot water bottle on your hands or lap when sitting or try a nice hot water bottle tucked at the foot of your bed at night.
  • If the air in the bedroom feels too cool try rigging up a makeshift tent over the bed. Your breath will warm the air inside the tent
  • Turn on the lights, light bulbs work by create light through heat and can easily warm a room.
  • Use a candle heater while not as good as a heater or fireplace they can provide some warmth
  • Take advantage of solar energy, a rug in a sunny spot can absorb the heat of the day to keep the room warmer later on
  • Place short fans at the lowest setting to blow across and circulate air away from the heater allows it to warmer the cooler air
  • Microwaved socks or pillows filled with rice or beans for a minute can be used as heating pads
  • After cooking leave the oven door open to allow the heat to escape and warm the room
  • If you can afford it leave other heat generating appliances such as computers running

For other solutions to staying warmer this winter contact First Response Glass in Victoria BC.