Benefits of Visual Documentation

It is very important these days for companies to shoot the various services and processes that take place in their offices or factories. This has many advantages. First of all, it makes it easier for the viewer to get an idea of the work procedure of the company without actually visiting the real workplace. It also helps others know how clear and transparent our processes are and the fact that our workers are not going through any hazardous work routines. And such clippings can always be used between presentations made during public dealings-because seeing believes-and textual slides alone won’t do.

Video clippings are necessary; especially when you want to take projects from organizations outside your own country and it is not that feasible to travel all the way just to have a look at the various company services for anyone. These clippings would give the clients a clear picture of why they should choose you over others for delivering a quality project on time. If you want to put up a large-scale solar power plant in one of the branches of the organization you are proposing to, you can show them video clippings of the various small-scale solar power projects you have already undertaken and how well you have succeeded in them. It is important for you to use the best quality equipment for shooting your work processes, and editing them suitably so that too much of time is not wasted.

How video clippings can help independent businesspeople

Entrepreneurs can also benefit a lot by making video clippings. For example someone who wants to set up a car-wash service centre, or provide door-to-door services can upload a sample video of how his limited staff of laborers work, and the difference it makes to the automobile from the time it was unwashed. They can upload these video clippings on their blogs and social networking pages online and easily get work from the targeted customers. A company that provides solutions for infrastructure can show interviews of their clients, the projects that they have worked on, interviews of their pioneers, and models of the projects that they have worked on previously. They can also show videos of the existing infrastructure of the companies they have provided their solutions to. A company that looks after building maintenance can show the reviews and feedbacks of the people residing in the buildings they provide their maintenance services to. Many people with empty land available have created parking spaces, which is a major issue in big cities. Such entrepreneurs can show local people video clippings of the infrastructure and solidity of their parking services, as well as giving them assurance that their automobiles are safe to park within their premises.

Devices you should use for best quality

For making video clippings of work locations that do not allow carrying heavy equipment for safety reasons, mobile devices or camcorders are the best options. The best high definition camcorders available are the ones from Sony (for example Sony HDR-CX760V), Panasonic (Panasonic HDC-TM900K) and Canon (Canon VIXIA HF S21). These cameras provide various features like good still camera picture quality, higher storage capacity, and good zoom and touch screen, besides others. Also while recording processes where moisture and dirt is likely to fly around, take special care of your recording devices.

Important points: Get the basics right

While recording interviews of anyone right from the workers to top company officials, make sure that there is not too much of noise in the background, so that during project presentations clients can easily understand the message that is being put across. If most of the services and features of the company are covered in these video clippings, it also saves a lot of time during discussions as the investors and clients would know most of the services your company can offer, and how helpful you can be for them.

Also during making video clippings, consider the various clients you can offer your services to, and shoot enough video footage, so that it can be copied and edited later, according to the different types of clientele. Then, you can even alter the lengths of the video clippings according to the amount of presentation time given. Try to make the most of your creative talents while making such video clippings, and try to think from the point of view of the clients, and assess whether you are doing enough to meet their requirements.