The Must Try Delicious Mayonnaise Recipes

Mayonnaise is prepared by mixing cheese with spiced garlic. Mayonnaise tastes great when taken with any recipe. If you want to get the exact combination of Mayonnaise, then you can check out here. Some of the most exciting Mayonnaise recipes are listed below.

Chicken Sandwich with Mayonnaise

Chicken is the all-time favourite for the Non-veg. food lovers. No one denies that the taste of the chicken as one of the most delicious tastes. Chicken takes many forms such as chicken curry, chicken fry, chicken noodles and much more. But, have you ever tried this sandwich with Mayonnaise? The combination of the garlic flavour in Mayonnaise and chicken make this chicken Mayonnaise a rich and fantastic dish. Just grab some sliced onion, cheese slices, and roasted egg with a touch of mayonnaise. That’s all.

Creamy Potato Sandwich

The Mayonnaise filled potato sandwich invites all the food lovers. This snack is perfect for the cool, rainy season. Just take the roasted potatoes and add some butter, yogurt and spring onions. Enjoy the crunchy potato with a bit of delicious Mayonnaise.

Eggless Mayonnaise

Eggless Mayonnaise is especially for the vegetarians. If you are non-vegetarian, but you don’t like eating egg or chicken, then Eggless Mayonnaise is the ideal one for you. This delicious recipe uses the excellent mix of milk and flour as the substitute for egg. Hence, it has the silk texture that forms the creamy layer ever.

Coronation Chicken

Coronation chicken is the great combination of creamy mayonnaise and pre-cooked chicken, curry leaves, herbs and some spices. Coronation chicken Mayonnaise can be taken with some salad and onion slices.

Cashew Mayonnaise

The highlight of Cashew Mayonnaise is that it has no oil and eggs. It is a delicious dairy-free product that is good for health. Grab some pieces of tofu and mix it with lemon juice, cashew paste and enjoy the dish.

Mayonnaise Pasta

Mayonnaise pasta is the yummiest form of pasta recipe, which takes only 15 minutes to cook. This is very delicious that invites all the spaghetti food lovers. Pasta has its creamy texture. When mixing the creamy pasta with spicy Mayonnaise, it tastes divine that no one regrets it. The pasta with mayonnaise recipe makes the unique breakfast recipe. You can also add coriander leaves and sliced carrot for extra taste.

Mayonnaise with Potato Bread

The bread sliced with crunchy potato flavours makes this a delicious mayonnaise. Just take a cup of mayonnaise and mix it with lemon juice and chopped chilli powder. You can also add pepper and salt for better taste. Enjoy this delicious potato bread with mayonnaise at any time.

Parsley with Mayonnaise

This delicious recipe is prepared by infusing the red parsley and chilli powder. Toppings of grilled mushrooms, carrot and cauliflower make this delicious recipe even better. It is quick and easy to prepare. Whenever you hurry, you can make this mouth-watering parsley with Mayonnaise and serve with cheese toppings.

If you want to get more details regarding any of the above Mayonnaise recipes, especially the pasta one, then you can browse the web for mayonnaise pasta recipe in Hindi. Just give it a try and enjoy the recipe.