The Most Comfortable Ladies Boots In 2014

Rainy days, long walks in the woods and busy shopping trips — These are just some of the things that we think about when winter arrives and in order to enjoy what winter has to offer us, it is vital that we have a comfortable pair of boots that can last us the whole season. When choosing a winter boot, it is important that you think about what you will be wearing it for as Colton Footwear will go ahead and tell us. In most cases the boots that you wear to go for long winter walks will be different from those that you will wear inside or to go shopping. However, it is important that all of your boots are as comfortable as each other, which only leaves one question: which boots are really the most comfortable?

Winter Boots

This type of boot is made specifically for winter, however it is designed slightly differently than a snow boot. Winter boots are designed for warmth, but also designed to be fashionable. An excellent example of a comfortable winter boot is the Josef Seibel Sandra 04 which offers warmth as well as style.

Although winter boots aren’t always designed to protect you from harsh weather such as deep snow or rain, it is possible to add an extra layer of protection to your boots in the form of a waterproof coating or layer.

Suede Boots

Suede Boots are often a lot more comfortable and easy to wear than leather boots as the suede will mould and form to the shape of your feet a lot more easily. However, getting suede boots wet will damage the fabric and cause it to stain, so these really are boots to be worn in dry weather.

Having said that, a good pair of suede boots can be extremely comfortable, and definitely worth the extra hassle that comes with only being able to wear them when it is dry outside.


For many people, Ugg style boots really are the most comfortable boots available on the market. Much of this comfort is due to the thick lining, often made from faux fur or sheepskin. If you choose to buy a high-end pair ofUgg style boots with a breathable sheepskin lining and leather upper you will be able to wear them without socks and in most weathers. However, it is advisable that if they get wet you will need to dry them out quickly to reduce the risk of odour or damage.

Desert Boots

As the name suggests, desert boots are often worn in hot or sandy environments. They are an excellent addition to any winter wardrobe due to their comfort and durability. If you are going for a long walk or a hike, these boots will work perfectly and unless there is heavy rainfall or thick snow, your feet should remain dry and cosy all day long.

So whatever boots you decide to choose this winter, just make sure you opt for a pair that are comfortable to wear all day long. As we all know, there is nothing worse than trudging through the snow or rain with wet feet in soggy boots.

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