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Despite how heavily we have focused on educating women about STD and pregnancy prevention, many females don’t use contraceptives, most common being condoms. Many women today don’t use condoms, the main reason being it just doesn’t feel as good as the skin to skin contact that unprotected sex provides. What people forget to realize is that not all condoms (like penises) are same, there are many different shapes and varying thicknesses, coming with ribs and studs, lubricated or non-lubricated, there is are numerous possibilities. Here you can see that there are many varieties, all excellent condoms for the ladies:

Best Male Condoms for Women

Let’s face it fellas, as much as some may not want to admit, size does matter, at least when it is pertaining to condoms. Many men and women report having a decrease in sensation and overall joy during sex when using some condoms because the fact is the condoms they’re using are just a little too big. If that is the case don’t abandon condoms altogether, there are many other options available that could possibly remedy the situation. Usually when there is a decrease in sensation many couples choose a condom that is thinner that is also snugger fitting so there is less of a feeling of a condom being on, while this is helpful you’re not fully taking advantage of the products available.

The choice of lubricant is just as important as the thickness and size of the condom, for example in Trojan’s Fire and Ice condoms that feature a lubricant that provides a warming and cooling sensation for both lovers. If you happen to have a problem that faces most men today and you happen to have a problem of being a little early, then perhaps Duramax’s Performax Intense condoms which features a mild numbing lubricant on the inside to desensitize the man increasing endurance and ribs and studs and the outside to increase pleasure for the woman.

Things to remember when buying condoms for her:

  • Don’t be embarrassed about your size, man. If you happen to be a bit smaller don’t abandon condoms altogether to avoid the embarrassment of the condom being too big, find the right sized condom for you.
  • Sex is a well lubricated love engine. You need the proper choice of lube, you need to know what features you’re looking for in your lubricant, if you want to increase the overall sensation you might want a lube that has some sort of tingling or warming sensation. If you happen to be premature, there is a solution to your common problem many lubes have a mild numbing quality which will increase overall endurance.
  • Add a little punk for added pleasure. Ribs and studs are never a bad idea they are quite effective in increasing her overall stimulation, and they can add a little flair fun to the sex session. You can also purchase condoms that have tattoos printed on them so the wearer appears to have tattoos, which automatically makes him ten times sexier.
  • More features, More fun. Choose a condom that caters to the needs and wants of both partners for optimum sexual experience.

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Female Condoms a Better Option?

A female condom may be a better option for those who are more adamant about contraception and STD prevention, couples with a man who refuses to wear condoms, or anyone not wanting to interrupt the heat of the moment. For those who don’t know what a female condom is the female equivalent of the male condom, only instead of going over the penis it goes inside the vagina or anus. There are some benefits of female condom that you can’t get with other condoms.

The main benefit female condoms offer is convenience; they can be put on up to eight hours before you actually have sex. For women who don’t like to ruin the heat of the moment, because it kills the mood, female condoms are excellent you can put them in hours before you have sex. The same concept can be applied to women who tend to be a bit more promiscuous, you can wear this condom for 8 hours, that is a lot of time to find a sex partner, also an added benefit is it helps prevent STDs’ as well. Duration that you can wear the female condom is not the only thing contributing to the convenience, but the places you can use them, most female condoms are not made of latex, which decomposes in chlorine and some may also be allergic to, many are made of polyurethane which less people are allergic to and won’t decompose in chlorine.

Female condoms can be tricky to put on at first, but then again so are male condoms, I guess it’s easier to teach teens and preteens how to put on male condoms than female condoms. With practice however sliding a female condom on will be as easy and quick as sliding on a male condom.

There are Things You Need to Remember When Using Female Condoms

  • The female condom is designed to stay in place, it will slip and slide a bit that is normal, if the outside ring of the condom is to slip inside of the vagina be sure to stop and pull it out immediately. The outside ring is meant to stay on the outside.
  • Never use a male and female condom together, the two materials rubbing together are more likely to cause unwanted friction that could potentially cause a breakage of the condoms.
  • When removing the condom, after both partners have climaxed, pinch the outside ring firmly trapping the ejaculation inside and gently pulling the condom out, being sure not to slip and potentially spill any bodily fluids.

Make the Right Choice

Just like the human race condoms come in a whole spectrum of characteristics, be sure to consider your needs and your partners needs when choosing a condom to use. Not everyone appreciates female condoms, but you won’t know till you try, same goes for some varieties of male condoms, don’t be afraid to shop around. It is always better to have a condom than to not have one.