The effective disposal of blackheads is a mask with activated charcoal

Blackheads are a problem faced by people during adolescent maturation and at a later age when the hormonal balance is disturbed. To increase the aesthetic parameters of the skin offer beauticians by cleaning activities in beauty salons, which not everyone can afford and do not always give a 100% result.

Alternative salon procedures are black masks for blackheads with the addition of activated charcoal. To apply black mask we recommend you to check reviews before apply.

What is the effect of masks with activated charcoal?

Due to natural origin, charcoal has curative properties that can restore beauty, healthy color and even tone to the face. Mixtures of activated charcoal with constant use have a complex effect, in which:

  • Normalizes the fat skin balance.
  • Pass the blackheads, which could not be removed even by aggressive mechanical cleaning.
  • There is a gentle cleansing of the pores – dirt disappears, settled dust and greasy luster.
  • There is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to which masks can be applied to the face in the presence of acne, freckles or acne.
  • The skin is smoothly smoothed, mimic wrinkles are leveled.

Rules for the use of black masks

Before making a choice in favor of this or that cleansing composite with activated charcoal, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the rules of use:

  • The frequency of application of such masks – once a week with a course of not less than 1.5 months.
  • For the production of a mask, grinding into a powder mass is subject only to fresh, recently purchased at the pharmacy coal.
  • At the end of the course you need to withstand a break in 2 months.
  • In order to avoid the occurrence of allergic reactions, before applying the composition, it is worthwhile to conduct a test for individual susceptibility. If discomfort is felt during the test, it is better not to use similar formulations.
  • Black masks act more effectively when applied to pre-heated skin, as a result of taking a hot shower or after a steam bath.
  • An important factor is the shelf life of the product, since the use of obsolete coal is not subject to application.

To check the reaction to an allergy, you need to apply a creamy mass on your wrist for 10 minutes. This will help to avoid skin problems in the form of rashes and redness.

Compulsory preparatory procedures

To be sure to get rid of hard-hitting blackheads, before using a home-made cleansing cream with activated charcoal it is worth carefully preparing the skin of the face. The stages of preparing the facial skin for mask application include:

  • Preliminary cleaning of the face with soap, foam or lotion for washing.
  • Steaming the skin with a steam bath, a hot towel or a shower. It takes 2-5 minutes to open the pores.
  • Use a tape or scarf to protect your hair. A black cleansing composition can contaminate unprotected hair and then you will need to wash your hair.
  • After preparation, the composition is applied to the entire surface of the face, as well as to individual zones (nose, cheeks, chin, forehead) without touching the sensitive area near the eyes.
  • At the final stage, the person is treated with a moisturizing or nourishing cream. Keep reading