5 Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Eating properly, chilling out, cutting out bad habits and maintaining an optimal weight all improve your chances of getting pregnant and adding to your family. You may also consider visiting your local fertility clinic to explore options like in vitro fertilization.

Using modern science and natural strategies to boost your fertility can help you avoid month’s or year’s worth of frustration spent trying to conceive.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet rich with complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats can boost your fertility. Consume leafy greens and vegetables, lean meats like chicken and turkey and healthy fats like cashews and olive oil to properly fuel your body. Cut down on the consumption of fatty or sugary foods like donuts and hard candy. Reduce your soda intake. Drink more water and fresh fruit juices to take care of your body.

Consume more oily fish to boost sperm counts and lower the likelihood of suffering through a miscarriage. Omega-3 acids found in oily fish like salmon improve your hormone functioning.


Whether you’re sleeping more at night, taking naps or meditating for 20 minutes daily, relaxing can lower stress levels which boosts your fertility. Stress wreaks havoc on your mind and body. Someone beset by anxiety and worry isn’t setting up the optimal environment for conceiving.

Learn how to let go the past and be optimistic about the future. Feeling good most of the time keeps your stress levels in check. Stress in males can decrease your libido and lower your sperm count so take a chill pill and increase your fertility.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Men and women alike both decrease their fertility levels by smoking and drinking. Men who smoke have lower sperm counts and also increase their likelihood of becoming impotent. Female smokers also lower their fertility levels. Stop smoking if you’re trying to get pregnant. If you do conceive consider kicking the habit for good to be around for your child.

Drinking negatively affects sperm production and ovulation. Before you reach for an ice cold one grab a mineral water or juice instead. If you’re taking care of yourself mentally and physically you’ll crave alcohol less and less because you won’t need the release that you formerly thrived on.

Find the Right Weight

Find your optimal weight by either losing excess weight or by packing on a few pounds to boost your fertility. Carrying too much excess body fat can wreak havoc on your ovulation cycle. Women who are overweight have less regular periods compared to women who are at their optimal weight.

Beware losing too much weight. Your body might have difficulties reproducing eggs if you drop a substantial amount of weight too quickly. Your body may feel that you’re not holding enough fat to become pregnant.

Go In Vitro

Schedule an in vitro fertilization at a fertility clinic to increase your chances of getting pregnant.  Going the scientific route can help you build your family if you’re having difficulties conceiving.