The Difference Between A Felony And Misdemeanor

Gavel, books and handcuffs on wooden table

There are many people who fail to differentiate between a felony and misdemeanor. The former is a very serious offence than misdemeanor.  The act of misdemeanor may by categorized as per its nature and severity by a competent court of law. With the aid of a skilled and qualified lawyer, if you suffer from any act of misdemeanor, you are able to get redress in a court of law.

Michael J Donohue Lawyer in USA says that it is important for the common man to be aware of the different crimes in law. This will help them stay protected and at the same time spread awareness among other people as well. When you are looking for redress against the crime, you should always bank on a good and experienced lawyer who will explain to you the impact of the act and how you effectively are able to get redress in a court of law from it.

He says that there are crimes against property that amount to misdemeanor and they include simple trespassing and theft. When it comes to trespassing, it means entering the property of another person with the latter’s permission. Theft is taking the property that belongs to another person without permission. The act is a misdemeanor when the value of the taken item is lesser than a specified amount and there is no form f violence that is involved in the case. There is another misdemeanor in the form of vandalism. This is an intentional act under law and involves the damage or destruction of the property of another person.

There are crimes against a person that also amounts to misdemeanor. This can be in the form of harassment where there are unwelcome actions that take place against a person in the form of stalking or an act where the individual fears for his or her safely. The act of misdemeanor may also lead to a simple assault that comes in the form of a physical attack that does not result in any kind of serious injury.

Crimes against public safety also amount to an act of misdemeanor and Michael J Donohue says that that people should be aware of them in order to avoid tensions and stress. The acts that amount to misdemeanor include recklessly endangering the safety of another person that leads to serious body injuries including death. Driving under the influence of alcohol or a DUI is also a misdemeanor on the pretext that it does not lead to serious results.

Michael J Donohue Lawyer in USA says that anyone found guilty of a misdemeanor is punished with a fine, probation, community service, court supervision or a prison sentence that leads to 5 years. There are many clients that come to him with the above cases. He is a very friendly and helpful lawyer. He says that a good lawyer should be skilled and compassionate at the same time. This is why he is widely sought after by clients and respected by his peers in the legal profession too!