Regina Kurrasch Advocates Stationary Cycling To Get Rid Of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis refers a degenerative form of arthritis that causes the deterioration of of cartilage. The main joints of the body, from the knee to shoulders can get affected from this degenerative disease. Simple exercises can help these patients significantly. Many of the patients suffering from osteoarthritis are apprehensive that regular exercises can worsen their condition. But they should perform some exercises which will help their joint injuries and precipitate their recovery.

Dr. Regina Kurrasch, one of the most experienced medical practitioners in this field support and advocate the usage of simpler exercises. She opines that low impact exercises like stationary cycling will have profound benefits for the patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis. Dr. Regina Kurrasch has earned her Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Branard College and her medical degree from the State University of New York. Since her qualification she worked in this field as earned the reputation of one of the best Rheumatologist. Now she works as a group director at the GlaxoSmithKline with her dedicated team. The team is working on the development of treatment for the patients to ensure speedy recovery. Along with it, she also takes pioneering steps to spread awareness among the people with this disease. As counseling forms an important part of the treatment, Dr. Regina Kurrasch works to provide suggestions and advice to the patients though which they can lead a healthy life.

Assisting with various forms of exercises and encouraging the patients with these tasks is a part of this treatment. She tells that stationary cycling is one of the best treatments for this disease. All the patients should engage in low impact exercises such as walking, little stretching and cycling. Among all the forms cycling gives the highest impact on the body. This stationary cycling assists the people suffering from osteoarthritis to lose the extra fat and weight. When the person lose weight the joints in the body face less pressure and hence the rate of deterioration decreases. The activity is also known to increase the muscle and joint endurance of the patients. Apart from these benefits, cycling is very effective to improve breathing and blood flow of the patients and hence it is also referred as a cardiovascular exercise. All the patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis should take up stationary cycling. They should start this activity for a few minutes when they start and gradually increase the time allocation.

Dr. Regina Kurrasch suggests that every person suffering from osteoarthritis should take up stationary cycling rather going for complete cycling on the roads and fields. Many of the patients suffer with the balance and hence proper cycling will not be a good option for them. Hence, stationary cycling should be opted which minimizes the chances of getting injured and also at the same time is tremendously beneficial for the people suffering from this disease. At the same time, patients can come to Dr. Regina Kurrasch who will provide the accurate treatment to them. With valuable expertise and knowledge, she will ensure that every person recovers fast.

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