The Advantages and Steps For Remolding The Small Kitchen

If the kitchen is well decorated, it may be the most used and loved room of a home. If you or your family members are not satisfied with it, you may have a remolding for a more pleasant kitchen.

The Advantages for the Small Kitchen

The remodeling for the kitchen needs to spend you a lot of money for the extra lighting, extra electrical needs, plumbing, ventilation and more. Meanwhile, for the material, the often choice for you are the expensive ones such as granite, stainless steel, marble etc. less space means less cost. Therefore, the small kitchen remolds are comparatively in low cost.

The Steps for the Remolding

First, Choose Appropriate Designs for the Small Kitchen

The common layouts for the kitchen are: one wall, gallery or corridor and U shaped as well as L shaped. For most of the small kitchens, the lengths are longer than the widths, which offer great opportunities for the designs. Therefore, you may have multiple choices for the design.

Second, Determine the Kitchen Values

According to your own situation, determine the functions of your kitchen. Is the storage a number one priority? Then you might maximize kitchen cabinets. Or if you want a breakfast bar, you have to sacrifice counter is your kitchen. You can make any choice as you wish. However, before decorating, you had better make them all settled.

Third, Choose a Theme for your Small Kitchen

You may remold it with a theme in your kitchen such as apples, sunflowers. You even can go with just one color theme. If only use one color, the suggested color is the orange, which not only can increase your appetite, but also easy to clean and easy on eye. You may paint the wall or paste wall paper. If you want make the room look better and different, you may use light colors to decorate it. At the same time, this way can make your kitchen look bigger.

Forth, Maximize the Cabinet Depth

There is some extra space in the back of the cabinet that people rarely use. For the small kitchen, you may maximize its usage by installing lazy Susan and roll out shelves.

Fifth, Choose Larger Floor Tiles

If you want to make the space looks bigger, the tiles can do some help for you. The larger floor tile can make the small kitchen appear larger.


Kitchen flooring is often wet. Therefore, many people like to put carpet. However, it is not recommended for the small kitchen floors, for it can get stained quickly in the high traffic area such as the doorway. If you want to put something, you may use the rug. But remember to have a nonslip rug pad under the rug to avoid every one from sliding or causing accidents.