Which Protein Bar Should Be The Part Of Your Perfect Diet?

A lot of people think of or dream about getting a perfect lean body. A very few of them really achieve it. This is because not everyone can follow workout routine and the diet plan with consistency and discipline. Working out regularly is still achieved by some but dieting a huge task. The reason behind this are:

  • Firstly, many people don’t what is healthy for them and what is not.
  • If they manage get some information about it, preparing the diet is a tedious work; that most people do not get time to do.
  • And most of the healthy stuff is not very tasty.

But all these problems were solved with the introduction of protein bars. These are just like other food bars (energy bars or meal replacement bars), but high on protein. Initially athletes and enthusiastic bodybuilders really liked the concept of protein bars because the companies promoted them as the perfect source of protein. But after their continuous use for some time, people realised that these bars nothing but candy bars with a little high protein. All the experts worldwide started recommending people, not to consume these protein bars, as they have a huge amount of sugar and saturated fat which makes people fat.

But it all changed with the introduction of quest bar into the market in 2010. At first people were obviously reluctant to buy, due to bad experience with other protein bars. But after some incredible marketing by the company, people started trying it and liking it. The company promoted this bar as the number one protein bar and the people support their statement.

What Makes Quest Bar Better?

Unlike other protein bars, quest bar has a real high amount of protein, which is 20 grams (40% of the daily recommended intake). It has also got 200 calories, 18 grams of fibre, just one gram sugar (that too from natural fruits) and only half a gram saturated fats. While what most of the other protein bars contain is: about 300 calories, 8 grams fat, 4 grams saturated fat and 25 grams of sugar.

Also quest bar has eleven different flavours, all with equal amounts of protein. So you can choose whichever is the tastiest. The flavours are: Coconut Cashew, Vanilla Almond Crunch, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Apple Pie, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Brownie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Mixed Berry Bliss, Peanut Butter Supreme, Lemon Cream Pie and PB & J.

Another factor that has a little contribution in its success is that you get quest bars cheap, as compared to other protein bars in market.

What are the Ingredients of Quest Bar?

The ingredients of quest bar, as written on the packet itself, are:

  • Protein blend (whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate)
  • Isomalto-oligosaccharides
  • Almonds
  • Water
  • Natural flavours
  • Sea salt
  • Lo han guo
  • Sucralose

The protein in quest bar is extracted from milk in the form of whey protein, which is considered to be the healthiest. Also the fibre is extracted from plants, which helps in reducing hunger and improving digestion, and not in making you fat.


The facts that make quest bar one of the best sources of protein are: it needs no preparation, you just need to keep it in your pocket at all times; while other bars are a burden on your wallet, you get quest bars cheap; the amount of proteins, fats and fibres in quest bar is just perfect to give you muscles and not fats; it is also a very good option if you are just feeling hungry.