Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is one of the rising forms of cancer and affects a large number of people across the globe annually. As with any other type of cancer, the key in the treatment of kidney cancer lies in early detection and diagnosis. For early detection of the occurrence of kidney cancer, it is important to identify the possible symptoms that may indicate the occurrence kidney cancer. The symptoms of kidney cancer are usually not very easy to detect at the initial stage. It is possible that you may experience pain for a brief period of time that will fade away gradually and you may pass it off as any other random infection. However it is important that you must get yourself checked regularly by the physician to detect any type of development of the cancerous cells.

The research has found that the kidney cancer is more commonly found in people belonging to the age group in excess of 55 and also the fact that men are more prone to this type of cancer than women. Two of the major reasons that cause kidney cancer are believed to be smoking and obesity. The good aspect about it is the fact that these two causes can be controlled by people with the help of proper care and attention.

There are some common symptoms of kidney cancer that are believed to be typical of this form of cancer. Let us have a look at some of these.  One of the earliest symptoms of this form of cancer is continued or prolonged fatigue experienced by the person. No matter what you do, you will experience extreme tiredness, laziness and frequent desire of sleeping.  Apart from this, the other common symptom believed to signify the occurrence of kidney cancer is bleeding in urine. Whenever you urinate, you will observe that you are bleeding as the colour of the urine is dark red and also you will experience pain or difficulty while urinating.

This bleeding can also be a result of kidney stones or any other type of kidney infection, but it is better to be safe than sorry. When you experience any such pain, it is better to get yourself thoroughly checked by the appropriate doctor. This will ensure that the treatment can begin in the right way at the earliest possible time.

Also you may experience back pain or a pain on your sides. This pain is usually severe and gets on increasing with the passage of time. Another common symptom of kidney cancer is fever and unexplained loss of weight. Though you may experience weight loss due to other diseases or problems too, it is better to take precaution of getting medical assistance. The kidneys are responsible for the filtering of the blood and hence it is also possible that you may suffer from constant high blood pressure if you suffer from kidney cancer.  A lump of mass on the sides of the abdomen may also be an indicator of the disease. These symptoms of kidney cancer, is a good parameter for early diagnosis.