Developing Different Methodologies in Pre School Education

We often hear of the importance of preschool. But playing with toys seems to have little association with the academic knowledge that children will learn in playschools. Foundation for all learning for your little one is play, and giving your child the time and a few basic toys can provide them with a variety of important learning chances.  “Having fun while playing is how children begin to connect with each other and learn a wide variety of names, places and things. “Children’s play makes them open to creativity and thoughts and develops reading skills, thought process and trouble solving skills. It also provides the base foundation for motor skill development”

Development of Speaking Skills

When playing with other children, expression and terminology skills are encouraged. Your child will pay attention and gain knowledge of the words she/he hears without even realizing. Children will learn to communicate as well as picking up new words and hearing the grammatical structure of the English language.

  • Toys. Playing with cars, trucks and trains as well as animals provides for many new vocabulary words as children learn their names, what they do where can they be found or what they eat. Playing with a dollhouse or dolls allows your child to react what happens in his/her everyday life, using the words and phrases he/she hears .We are likely to hear our own words come out of their mouth as they recreate events that have happened, perhaps with an outcome more suited to his/ her liking!

Creative Inclination

In our fast paced society, where both the parents are working, children have fewer opportunities and chances to use and develop their creativity. Children who don’t get frequent opportunities to play may have a difficult time keeping themselves occupied as they simply do not know what to do in their spare time .By providing opportunities for open ended play, your child will automatically get his/her creative ideas flowing.

  • Dramatic Play: provide your child a few props such as empty cardboard boxes, small utensils or doctor’s kit, and your child will be transmitted into a different world. You will be amazed to watch them play.
  • Art and Craft: Without any specific project give your child a variety of craft supplies such as crayons, sketch pens, coloured pencils, coloured paper and glue. Allow then to create anything they like and watch them turn into an artist.
  • Oxford  juniors offers an early learning experience for children eighteen months to five years of age. Our team strives to provide nurturing and safe learning environment in which children are encouraged to develop social, emotional, and learning experiences through play. We have a low child-to-teacher ratio at oxford junior.


Oxford Juniors prepares children for their entry into official school. The first day of school can be quite difficult for a small child. Suddenly, he is put into a different world from home. At the age of three or four when the child goes to play school for the first time, a lot is not expected of him .Crying children, clinging to their parents on the first day of school is very common. Play school helps minimize separation tension and helps prepare children to face the world, as they have higher self-esteem, are more self-confident and become independent early, they have improved interpersonal skills and better vocabulary and are open to change.