Support To A Child Is Moral Responsibility Of Parents And Court

In all the countries, there are specific laws available for the support to a child in case of involvement in the separation of the couple.  It is well known fact that the couple takes divorce from each other due to any of the behavioral abnormalities related with character or any other issues but the future of the children distracts in this way.  Children are totally depending for financial support on their parents. For any of the small requirement, they see the faces of their parents.

But if the matter is related to the maintenance amount of child, the decision becomes more critical.  Though the Child Support is not only financial, the moral support is also needed for the kids.  Without emotional attachment, financial support is like the job of a shop keeper.  But this is the responsibility of the court that decides the correct amount which a child needs per month for routine expenses.  Studies, entertainment, fooding and other requirement are the moral responsibility of the father.  In case of separation, the moral responsibilities of father or mother does not finishes but increased because the child will have to live without any emotional support from any of the parents.  Termination of the relationship of the couple creates a lot of fiscal problem to the kids and as a result, Support for Child becomes mandatory as husband or wife can again settle their lives but the most pathetic conditions are shared by the children.  To minimize the impact of separation, the court decides the Child Support.  This is the amount which is to be paid to an obligee.  It has been seen that in almost the cases the non parent of the children is an obligor. The custody of the children is given to the obligee.  In Canada, United States of America and other Western Countries, the rules on this aspect are quite strict as separation cases are also in rich number in these countries.

Who is Responsible to Pay Child Maintenance?

In legal language, the Support for Child is also referred as child maintenance.  This amount is decided after scrutiny of the financial conditions of the obligor. It is never seen that court penalized an obligor with a huge amount in terms of child maintenance.  The responsibility is not only on male member of the divorced couple.  This maintenance allowance can be paid by the female member in case the separation is due to her and she is in capacity if good earning.  In most of the cases, where husband was depending on the earning of the wife, the maintenance amount is to be given by woman if the court decides the same.

The divorce case runs in both the manners.  When the case is in progress, the concerned court also makes the field of Child Support as the matter is effective just after the decision.  Expenses are not minimized while source of income stopped suddenly, in such a scenario, maintenance is ordered to be paid even the case is under process with judiciary at various levels.  In Canada, there are rules on this aspect and it is mandatory even when the case is running in higher level of the court.

Thus, it establishes the necessity of the support for Childs.  The legal history also shows that in all the periods, these types of decisions were given by the court.  All the complications can be avoided by mutual understanding. Children are quite innocent and in the disputes of elders, they must not be fetched. It is not good to let the third party decide the home matters.  This will save precious time of the courts as well as also avoid social distractions.