Stem Cell Research Finding New Avenues In The Congestive Heart Failure Treatments

Doctor holding heart

The potential needs for the stem cells in various treatments have made it a hot topic for discussion in the medical articles. The stem cells, as the studies in Biology say, are the precursor of all the cells in the body and are found mainly in the bone marrows of the adults. Whenever there’s any emergency crisis and the body of the patients suffer from any kind of serious injury or from leukemia, the spleen or the parts of the body that contains the stem cells during the infancy starts undergoing development and hence takes over the production of the required cells in the body. Just like nature, the body as well has got its individual way of making up the losses and maintains the balance of the cell.

Very recently stem cell researches have taken a drastic improvement and have come up with solutions in the field of heart attacks. Experts like Alex Potoczak himself believes that heart failure is one of the devastating blow that a physical body can receive, and in spite of the modern ways of treatments and the best of their efforts, at times it leads to complete failure of the entire organ and eventually death. The researchers have been fighting their way out to find a possible treatment that will rule out this congestive heart failure and believes that stem cells are one of the affordable solutions for the entire mankind.

Keeping their focus on the various form of stem cells that are being produced on the embryonic and adult varieties, they have come up with an observation that all the embryonic cells are highly valuable as they can provide a large number of replenishing stem cells when necessary and have no limitation to which particular forms of cells that they can transform. The use of the embryonic cells can be highly polemical, but the fact that collecting these cells mean destroying the embryo has been the biggest hindrance. To several religious groups, the embryo is the symbolism of new life, and killing it means killing a life on its own. These controversial topics have somehow acted as the hindrance in the path of medical advancements.

However, the researchers have not stopped with such obstacles in their medical studies. They have come up with the fact that stem cells can be grown for the organ transplants. Since organ transplant has been the most complicated surgery due to fact that the organs are not easily available, they believe that mere stem cells can develop into a complete organ if kept in the laboratory under specific conditions in its favor. Theories have come up where it is stated that proper environment essentially grow the heart tissues and transplant it to the patients who have been suffering from the symptoms of congestive heart failure. This procedure actually allows the heart of the patients to work more freely and the chances of survival broaden up.

According to the studies of Alex Potoczak and many more, the number of patients suffering from heart failure is grim, and without stem cell treatment, the chance of their survival is fifty percent. Although there has been multiple odds against it, but stem cell research must go on in order for the greater good.