How To Find A Plastic Surgeon

Who would you trust with your looks? Answering this question can be a stressful ordeal until you do thorough due diligence. After getting the facts about a few plastic surgeons you can make a clear, informed decision.

Before doing any homework ask yourself what matters most concerning surgeons. For most people chemistry reigns supreme. You must feel comfortable with a surgeon during your first meet for the surgery to go off without a hitch. If you feel at all uncomfortable cross the surgeon off of your watch list of potential matches. Chemistry makes or breaks your potential relationship.

Sit Down for an Interview

Spend a few minutes interviewing potential plastic surgeons to get a feel for good matches. Be clear on your questions. Inquire into their experience with similar surgeries. Ask about their education and training. Beware if a surgeon you just met is too adamant on up selling you. Sure you may need a little tummy tuck but their goal is trust building not growing business before both surgeon and patient trust one another. Tread cautiously if they want to make you their personal Barbie or Ken doll.

Patiently get a feel for their intent. With just a few honest questions and clear answers you can decide if you have a potential match or if you want to cross the individual off of your list.

Observe the Practice in Action

Spend a few moments observing the practice environment before your interview. Take mental notes on the cleanliness and orderliness of the environment. It’s not a good thing if a business built on looks conveys a less than neat, clean appearance in an office setting. Patiently watch how staff interacts with patients. All of these seemingly little details make for a first rate practice or a non-match when it comes to your plastic surgery needs.

Does the staff work with each other well? A divisive, upset, contentious staff can be the sign of a less than happy, unclear, not so successful plastic surgeon. Look for a happy workforce to gain confidence in a practice and in a plastic surgeon. Remember too that some surgeons operate in different settings. Find out if your surgery will be in their practice or in a local hospital to prepare yourself effectively.

Speak to Referrals

Your friends or fellow office workers may have had their lips or stomach or neck worked on at one time or another. Tap into your rich, valuable network for plastic surgeon referrals. Getting feedback from trusted friends and family gives you confidence in your decision. Let’s face it; unless you’re particularly enlightened you wouldn’t trust your looks with a stranger. Friends, family and co-workers offer you trusted, helpful referrals which give you peace of mind. If mom, dad or a brother or sister had a wonderful experience with a plastic surgeon chances are you’ll feel go about going under the knife with the same surgeon.

Whether you need a tummy tuck, liposuction or any form of plastic surgery ask those closes to you for referrals to build your due diligence campaign on solid footing.