7 Ways In Which Coconut Oil Has Proved As A Boon

Coconut oil has been the staple recipe for beauty and heath since countless years. Not only is it a powerful enemy to all kinds of pathogens but also the fact that it is so easily available further increases its usage quotient. It is rich in high-quality fat that is a very critical component for health. The extreme benefits that this it derives, is from its composition. It comprises mainly of lauric acid which is rarely found in any other oil to such a high percentage. Lauric acid is the main agent responsible for the destruction of several protozoans, bacteria and viruses which cause HIV and measles. This is what makes this oil a boon, when applied both externally as well as internally.

Factors that Prove that this Oil is Truly a Boon of Nature

Umpteen Health Benefits:

This oil has an exhausting list of healthy promoting benefits. Firstly it improves thyroid function and strengthens the immune system. It also eases stress when applied topically by increasing blood circulation to the brain, thus improving work efficiency. It is an excellent agent for skin rejuvenation and promotes a younger looking skin. Many people believe that this oil is extremely effective for weight loss.

As a Beauty Product:

This oil is surely a must-have in every woman’s make-up kit. It is the cheapest make-up remover in the market and helps moisturizes skin too. Also, it is an excellent cleanser of blackheads, scars and pock marks from previous illnesses or diseases. As a body scrub, it can be used prior to shower as this aids to promote skin repair and produces a glossy skin texture. This oil also acts as an antiseptic in many cases, for instance it can be applied to cuts developed from shaving. As an eye. Ream it helps in the removal of black circles and tightens the skin so that it does not form wrinkles or sag.

Best Friend of Hair:

This oil has remarkable effects on dry hair. It can be used as a pre-shampoo leave-in conditioner. When used in a hot turban therapy it deeply penetrates into the hair shaft regions and nourishes it thus encouraging hair growth. Due to its hydrophobic activity it can prevent frizzy hair in humid days. This oil also reduces hair fall.

Oral Health Effects:

When mixed with baking soda, this oil forms effective and cheap toothpaste. It also helps on ‘oil pulling’, which is when this oil is used as a mouthwash to extract all germs orally after every meal.

A Steward of Immunity:

This oil is a one-man’s army against all sorts of rashes, infections, irritations and provides quick relief to them. Skin rashes caused by chicken pox and shingles can be treated by massaging this oil daily. Bug bites, nose bleeds as well as cold sores can be treated topically by this oil too.

Scalp Rescue:

This oil has proven to be much more effective than any other in the treatment of hair lice and dandruff.

Home Care:

This oil has surprising uses around the house. It can be used as an effective agent in cleaning wooden furniture or as a metal finish. Also it is an excellent lubricant.