Springs Are Good For You

How many times have you heard (or said) “we can’t live with them, but can’t live without them”? That’s exactly what happens with garage door springs. A love/hate relationship perhaps? Maybe more like needing one thing, but being scared of it, too. Weird? It certainly is, but also very true! If you ask Garage Door Repair Baytown, the answer will be clear: there is no way you can let a day go by without needing your springs.

Why Springs Give Out

Wouldn’t you eventually give out if you weren’t fed and taken care of? If people expected you to work hard day-in and day-out (weekends, too)? Just because they lack soul, it doesn’t mean that springs don’t need some TLC, too. If you neglect them, they won’t have the power to help you next time you will want to open the overhead door. If they are not lubricated, replaced on time and adjusted regularly, they won’t be able to lift the door or even keep it open. They will give up on you the same way you gave up on them and will just break. You might be thinking that getting a new garage door spring replacement will do, but don’t forget that they all come from the same family. They all have the same expectations from you and they will continue to break and maybe hurt you till you change your attitude.

Are you Scared of them? Good!

If you are scared of them, it’s a good sign that you know about their dangers and what they might do to you if they snap. People, who are scared (of things they must be scared of) are smart and know what to do in order to avoid hassle (and injuries). They take action in time and make sure their torsion or extension garage door springs have everything they need. If you are not a member of this club yet, consider joining.

You can’t Live without them

Just accept it: you simply need them. If you have a garage door, you also need the springs. They simply go together. Spring tension, which makes your knees tremble, is exactly what you need in order to open the door and be sure that it will stay there. Without springs and their tension, the door will be too heavy to open and remain open.

Springs Make Your Life Easy

Your overhead door springs are good friends if you think about it. They won’t let you strain your back when you are opening the door manually and will keep the door from collapsing when you keep the door open. They let you keep the door half way open and they will even warn you (by making noises and sagging) when they are tired and need some maintenance.