Sleep Apnea Gone After Reading ANutri O2 Review

I never even knew what sleep apnea was until my wife complained about my heavy breathing a few months ago.

I have always been a light sleeper, which I put it down to my days being in the army where I didn’t get much sleep at all. However, when my wife started to complain about my heavy breathing, and I also noticed that I was walking up several times every night, then I figured that something must be wrong. If you have never heard of sleep apnea like I hadn’t a few months ago, then let me explain it to you.

Sleep apnea occurs when your airways constrict and tighten as you fall asleep. Basically your brain doesn’t send the right signals to keep your airways open and it results in heavy breathing, snoring and a lack of oxygen intake into your system. A good indicator of sleep apnea is that you get a good night’s sleep but wake up the next day feeling really tired and fatigued. This is because you are not getting proper sleep due to your condition.

I searched and searched for cures for this condition that didn’t involve me having to be hooked up to a machine at night and this is how I came across Nutri O2 by Kevin Richardson. Nutri O2 works by expanding your blood cells and allowing more and more oxygen to flow into your body. This is exactly the thing that I was lacking when I fell asleep. My cells and airways would constrict instead of simply staying open and Nutri O2 professed to be able to help me with this.

When I first started using Nutri O2 I suffered a few bad headaches in the first couple of days. I just took some mild painkillers and the pain was gone so it wasn’t really a long term side effect, with them lasting about 48 hours or so in total. What really surprised me was how well Nutri O2 actually helped my sleep apnea. After just a few days of using the solution – you basically put it into a glass of water and drink it – I was feeling really energized in the morning and the fatigue and tiredness was gone. Even my wife said that my breathing was much better too.

For a while I didn’t think that I would be able to find a cure for sleep apnea at all. It is actually a very common condition and not many people know that they have it however it can be difficult to find a cure that actually works.

Luckily for me, Nutri O2 was this cure and I can safely say that I do not dread having to go to sleep anymore.

If you are suffering from sleep apnea and find that your airways are restricted at night then Nutri O2 is a great way to solve this problem. Get in touch if you have any other questions.

Thanks for reading my story!