Select A Kids’ Entertainer To Make Your Party A Memorable One

Hiring a party entertainer for your kid’s party can be a stressful task, especially if you have never done it before. Birthday party entertainers including magicians, clowns, etc. can make your kid’s birthday party a memorable one since they can ensure that your guests have a fantastic time. However, before you can sign a contract with your entertainer, make sure you remember some things. Here they are.

Know Your Budget

Before you begin calling around for a childrens party entertainer, figure out what your party budget is. Remember to tally up the cost of the foods, the space, the drinks, the goodie bags, presents for your guest of honor,and the like. You might probably notice that the costs have already gone up. From there, if you still want to add up to the costs by hiring a kids’ party entertainer, then you could consider compensating by cutting the costs in the other areas. Know what kind of rates you can manage before looking for that entertainer. If you are working on a shoestring budget, then you might not be able to afford a top class entertainer. However, if you have some friends, who know a good entertainer, who could come within your budget, then you are in business.

Shop Around

Just like you would not buy the first thing in sight at a shop, you should not also go in for the first entertainer you see listed in your phone directory. Instead, you should consider shopping around on the internet for some good entertainers. When you talk to more than one entertainer, it is possible that you would save big. Run a search for some birthday party entertainers in your area on the internet. Then, you can peruse their websites for the base rate at which they are offering their services. Also, check out videos and pictures from the previous parties, where they have been entertainers. Jot down the businesses that you like the most and call them up. Do not rely solely on the online quotes that have been provided by them. If you want to book your entertainer for the coming weekend, then you might have trouble knowing what your child wants. So, book your entertainer well in advance.


Whether you are calling a potential children’s party entertaineror a birthday party entertainer, you should treat them like an employer would treat his potential employee. Do not hesitate to enquire about references, the amount of experience they have intheir field of work, and what is involved in their usual act. Most importantly, you should ask them how comfortable they are around children and whether they specialize in children’s parties. For instance, a clown, who specializes in corporate events, may not be suitable for your children’s party. Also, consider the amount of time the entertainer may take to perform the act. Children, who are younger, may not be able to sit for long hours to watch an entertainer perform his act. You should also describe to the kids’ entertainer as to what kind of entertainment you are looking for.