Scope Of Accountant Jobs In Dubai! Why This Job Is The Best Over Others?

Working in Dubai comes with extra benefits like tax-free lifestyle, multicultural workforce and many more and working as an accountant not only offers you a good salary package but prestige is gift linked to the profile. Accountant jobs are considered to be high profile jobs.

Responsibilities Of Job Involve:

  • Prepare budget and financial forecasts for analyzing the growth of a company
  • Conducting monthly and yearly closing process
  • Managing accounting operations based on the principles of accountants
  • Collecting, analyzing and summarizing account information
  • Computing taxes and preparing tax returns, balance sheets, profit or loss statements etc.
  • Auditing financial transactions and documents accounting control procedures
  • Keeping up with financial policies, regulation, and legislation
  • Pays attention to every detail.

Must Have Skills For Accountant Jobs In Dubai

  • Excellent user of accounting software
  • Advanced degree in Accounting
  • In-depth knowledge of accounting, corporate finance principles, and procedures
  • Preference is given to those with CPA or CMA


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  • Candidates with more education or experience may be preferred
  • Special licenses of accounting or certification may be required for carrying out practice
  • Strong analytical, communication and computer skills.

Role Of Accountant

The accountant usually has different administrative roles in a company’s operations. Various responsibilities that are linked with an accountant involve performing financial functions associated with the collection on daily basis, accuracy, recording, analysis, and presentation of a business in a unique manner, organization or company’s financial operations.

Pros Of Working As An Accountant

  • Maternity leave for females
  • Dental insurance
  • Short-term disability
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Job security
  • Career diversity

Cons Of Working As An Accountant

  • Lengthy education- which requires a lot of time.
  • Additional certifications are required – It’s not an easy path to obtain the degree of CPA but once you get the degree your chance of getting placed in a very reputed position becomes very high
  • Working overtime it will be more common if you are employed by a big firm with high demands
  • As accounting is not all about the numbers, you should have a good command and tolerance for math and statistics before you embark on an accounting career. You have to deal with financial statements for most of your workday and still, some of your work may seem routine and tedious
  • Accounting is a desk job i.e. the work is performed mostly on a computer, which may be a positive point to some people and a negative point to others. You’ll have to make extra effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get enough exercise to make yourself away from the disease
  • As an accountant, you’ll be responsible for the data entry in the statements and reports that you sign. These will be checked for the purpose of fraud by internal auditors to avoid any losses. You may also find yourself working without guidelines and sometimes under pressure, especially in the tax season

At last, we can conclude that an accountant job in Dubai undoubtedly pays a good salary package but you need to take care of health in a subtle and smart way.

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