Pune: A Real Marathi Treat, You Simply Cannot Ignore

If you’re planning to spend some quality time in a city which showcases the best mix of traditions and modernity, then Pune could be an amazing place to explore. Mentioned here is a short travel guide to Pune. Before making any travel reservations, it would be best to check for Bangalore, Chennai or Delhi to Pune flights.

The sobriquets of Pune, namely the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the Oxford of East, and the Queen of the Deccan, defines the city’s best characteristics. It takes a drive of about 3 hours from the nation’s commercial capital Mumbai, to reach Pune. It is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra and contains the important headquarters of administration, business and industrial facilities, and several hospitals. Over the past few decades, the city has emerged as one excellent hub of education housing some of the renowned educational institutions in the nation. It also houses one of the oldest universities in the country. It is among those few cities in the nation having a population largely made up of students and young professionals, giving the city a youthful and enthusiast atmosphere and lifestyle. Nonetheless, Pune is also a fine destination to spend a memorable and fun-filled holiday with family, friends or simply solo. Before making any hotel reservations, do check for Bangalore, Chennai or Delhi to Pune flights, as you’d always find tourists over here.

Backed by a glittering history that is nearly 1600 years old, the city is simply a dream destination for the history buffs. An important town of the Maratha empire, the earliest evidence of human settlement in the city date back to the 5th century. The Pataleshwar Caves being one major testimony to the city’s oldest settlement. Home to Raja Shivaji and later a major seat to the Peshwas, and subsequently a major cantonment to the British too, the city is marked by magnificent forts, temples, and palatial bungalows. There are a plethora of historical monuments to explore in the city, serving not just good references but also as visual delights to the tourists.

There are valid reasons for the city bagging the title of the Cultural capital of Maharashtra. The city houses a number of art galleries, museums, theatres, cultural centres, dance and music centres, etc. Also known as Poona, the city is one of the most popular cities in India. Other than commerce and education, tourism is one prime contributor to the city’s economy. It is the city’s sleek buildings, plush residences, the state of art malls, multiplexes, public places, cosmopolitan clubs, nightlife, and the luxurious hotels that immediately attract the attention of the tourists.

Located on the eastern side of the Western Ghats and encircling some of the most popular weekend getaways in India, namely Lonavala and Khandala, the city is replete with nature’s riches. It is a beautiful city that lies on the convergence of Mutha and Mula rivers in the Deccan plateau. The weather here is ideally pleasant almost throughout a year, adding more to the tourism in the city. If you are in the city, the most significant places that you should not miss at any cost includes, Parvati Hill temple, Tribal Cultural Museum, Neelkantheshwar Temple, Ohel David Synagogue, Osho International Meditation Resort, Bhuleshwar Temple, Shreemant Dagdusheth, Shaniwar Wada Palace, Phoenix Market City, Pataleshwar Cave Temple, Rajgad Fort, Aga Khan Palace, National War Museum, and Bhimashankar Temple.