What Are The Methods Of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When a person wants to go in for treatment for alcohol addiction there are steps that need to be followed as it is almost impossible that one can stop immediately almost like turning off a button. Most people need to follow a plan to take them on the road to recovery. However, this only works when the person decides that he or she needs help. Whenever anyone is ready they should contact addictionrehabtoronto.ca. The success rate depends on the person’s nature and willpower to a great extent. Here are the steps:

  • Make a commitment. Most people who do suffer from alcohol addiction, do not decide they need alcohol addiction treatment out of the blue. Usually, it is a slow process. The first step starts with them evaluating the pros and cons of drinking. After that they need to decide for themselves and make a commitment.
  • Once the commitment is made, the drinking goals need to be established. These need to be realistic, specific as well as clear cut. Once the goals have been set, the person needs to rid themselves of all sorts of temptations, announce what they are going to do and be upfront with regards to the boundaries set.
  • The next step is either getting medical supervision to help withdrawal or else doing it on their own – this is based on the nature, the time period of the addiction, the severity of it and the person’s constitution as those with weaker constitutions may face more severe withdrawal symptoms which probably would need medical intervention.
  • The next step would be to find and build a more meaningful life. To build a support network, get new interests and hobbies and take care of oneself.
  • A very important step is to have a plan when there are cravings and triggers which urge drinking. This could involve talking to someone trustworthy, distracting oneself, reminding oneself about why one has quit, accepting the urge and allowing it to pass without fighting it. This can be done by urge surfing. This consists of taking an inventory of the experience, focusing on the area where the urge is being experienced and repeating the focus with each body part.
  • Starting treatment is an important step and this treatment is needed to address the issues which are more than just abuse but for the psychological, medical or other issues that are there and getting help to address them. Commitment is the key and it needs to follow through.

Even if the person does slip when they are in the process, what they need to do is to get rid of the alcohol as well as get away from the setting where the lapse occurred. The person also needs to remember than just one drunk or a lapse does not necessarily mean a relapse. Also, guilt, shame and blame should not stop them from the road of recovery either. A counsellor or friend or sponsor should be contacted right away. This is the way to alcohol addiction treatment.