Most Common Marriage Problems And How To Fix Them

I think we can all agree that marriage is hard work and that both people in the marriage have to make sacrifices and put effort into making the relationship work in a healthy and constructive way. No marriage is perfect and without problems. It’s about communication, commitment and the expectations the couple have for their life.There are many marriage problems that can be tripping marriages up, and most of them have simple solutions to them. Some are quick simple fixes that can end up strengthening a marriage bond and keeping couples out of trouble.

The In-Laws

Typically this is a problem that usually occurs between a wife and her mother-in-law, it’s the age old rift that somehow never goes away. It’s often because the mother has a hard time letting go of her son, and it ends up with two women fighting over the attention of the man. The only way to fix such a problem is by being in it together. The husband should be sensitive to the wife’s feelings while continuing to respect his mother. Good communication channel between the mother-in law and wife will also help resolve conflicts.

No Boundaries

A lot of issues with marriages stem from having no boundaries. We as humans have this weird habit of marrying someone we love and then trying to change them into different people after the fact. Change certainly can’t be made that way. If a person wants change they have to start with themselves because that’s the only effective change that can be made. If the man has left the toilet seat up his whole life chances are you are not going to change that behaviour by yelling at him all the time. Change how you react to it and choose your battles wisely.


Money can ruin a marriage? Big surprise, right? Many people don’t know how to manage money properly and joining two incomes can then be tricky. It’s important to plan spending and paying bills together, that way you both have a handle on where the money is going every month. It’s an easy fix however, make sure you have a joint account in which the largest portion of the money is deposited into for bills and savings and then have your own separate accounts for limited spending.

Poor Communication

This is one of the biggest marriage problems out there. Lack of communication can certainly cause marriage issues that could grow seeds of doubt in a relationship. The problem stems from the belief that when we talk to our partner that it’s the same as communicating. Complaining, blackmailing and criticism are all poor forms of communicating. Instead a couple needs to express themselves through feelings and also accept the needs and feelings of the other half in order to properly communicate.


A study came out once from the University of Michigan that put a smile on my face and many women will feel the same way. The study determined that a husband creates around 7 hours a week of extra housework for his wife while on average a wife saves a man an hour of housework per week. So imagine all the stress and conflict this can cause. It’s typically the case than women become stressed out because they feel all the housework is left to them and they want their husbands to chip in more. The problem can be solved rather easily however. Just tell your husband you need some more help around the house and if it helps you can let him know that less stress often equals out to more sex.

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