Peter Zieve Puts the Full Focus on the Issues of the Community

To make sure that the various operations prevalent to a city run in a smooth fashion, it is important to have a city council that is highly effective and responsible. The members of any city council should ideally put a major focus on the economic, social, environmental and the cultural wellbeing off all the people belonging to the local community.  Therefore, it is imperative to elect candidates who have good idea about the world of politics, are passionate about helping the local community, and are well qualified, into a city council. Peter Zieve is one such candidate. In addition to being an MIT graduate who completed a BS in Electrical Engineering, Mr. Zieve is also passionate about business and sports.  He tends to write blogs on renowned platforms like USA Herald, and has acquired a Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington in Mechanical Engineering. In the year of 1986, he founded his very own company, Electroimpact.

Mukilteo is a beautiful city that is located in Washington, in its Snohomish County area.  This city additionally lies at approximately 25 miles towards the north of Seattle. In the modern times, Mukilteo is majorly renowned to be a bedroom community, which has a small employment base dealing with various manufacturing industries.  Mukilteo additionally over the years emerged as quite a prominent transportation hub due to the good connectivity enjoyed by it to the Whidbey Island. As per the news, this city is also quite famed for its high quality of life, subsequently boasting of being one of the most affluent and prosperous parts of the Washington state

Peter Zieve is one of the most well respected and renowned residents of Mukilteo who has being campaigning to become a part of its city council.  The political campaign of Mr. Zieve majorly lays emphasis on the diverse types of concerns and issues that are faced by the local people of Mukilteo. Here are two of the key issues he plans to work on the behalf of Mukilteo residents:

  • The state of Washington features 285 cities. Mukilteo is tied at the second place when it comes to highest sales tax, from among them.  The current city council has moreover voted to put an extra increase of 0.1%, while adding an extra $20 to the car tabs. According to Peter Zieve, this increase needs to be rolled back.
  • Mukilteo has no ball fields, as well as no playgrounds south of 92nd street. Peter Zieve essentially is a family person, and hence aims to make this city much more child and resident focused. To plans to encourage sports related activities in the community, while ensuring the children of the residents are able to play freely and safely here without any hassle.  This would positively influence the wellbeing of the future of Mukilteo.

Focusing on the above mentioned concerns, Peter Zieve aims to benefit all the common people living in Mukilteo