Features, Materials And Types Of Bi Folding Doors

Bi Folding Doors

A bi fold door may be referred to as a piece consisting of a set of two doors that are connected together with the help of hinges. These two doors fold back on themselves and are thus helpful in saving lot of space. Bi folding doors can be used together with two sets or four doors in total. Quite suitable for closets, these pieces are available in the following four major types:

  1.  Closet doors – Known as pantry doors too, these pieces are prepared with solid wood panels or louvered doors. These may be purchased from hardware stores or made at home by procuring the requisite material. Generally with two sets of two doors, the closet doors are quite suitable for closets.
  2.  Room dividers – Usually fitted with glass and known as French bi fold glass doors, these pieces may be used for splitting large sized rooms or other sections of the available area into smaller ones. Those intending these doors for making smaller rooms or cabins out of the available large sized areas may do so by purchasing the same from off the shelf or making these pieces themselves.
  3.  Flat Panel Doors – These pieces are prepared with flat wood panels and may be made at your home as per the requited measurements or purchased off the shelf. These may be used as room dividers, pantry doors or in the shape of closet doors.
  4.  Raised panel doors – Made with a number of solid wood sections and by using router for giving nice designs to the same, these doors are generally used as closet doors. Moderate looks of these doors are possible by finishing these doors in white.

Materials for these doors – Use of plywood like the MDF or reclaimed wood products is usually made for making Bi folding doors. Enchanting looks can be attained by finishing them in paint or wood stain. However painting these doors becomes necessary as regards the MDF pieces that are not suitable for wood stains.

Which one to choose – After going through the features of different types of bi fold doors, you can choose the same as per your own liking with regard to their specific looks, usage and other such factors. The sliding doors are usually made up of two or more large glass panes one of which slides behind the other. Mostly found in the older properties, the French doors are the traditional patio doors that consists of two doors that both open out. Likewise the Bi folding doors have their own special features. Undoubtedly, all these types of doors facilitate enhanced view in comparison with the usual windows. Even an entire wall of the home can be replaced with these pieces that comprise of glass creating an unmatched view of the gardens.

A configuration of two doors that can be hung to open inwards or outwards; the French doors are quite suitable as per your own specific preferences. They are quite convenient as they can be easily installed into bay windows and easily fitted with fixed panes next to them.