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There are football fans across the world and most of them never miss a chance to either play or miss the sport. However, there are some football fans who  do not only love to watch and play the sport but they also share their love for football with others. Jonathan Bunge is one such football fan!

Jonathan Bunge loves writing about football and sharing his thoughts and ideas with other passionate football fans. He is associated with the transport industry and is always on the move. However, whenever he gets the chance, he makes it a point to come home and write about his perspectives and thoughts. He believes that he is not much of a writer and not cut out for writing however if you read his blog posts, you will find that they have indeed been beautifully written. Both young and old can relate with him.

He not only writes about his love for the sport but he also writes about his other interests as well. They include tattoos and his amazing experiences on the road. He says that he loves to write however due to his frequent traveling his posts are sparse. He never misses a chance to return home and write when he can. He loves the sport and shares posts written by other people that he finds interesting with his readers too!

Jonathan says that every parent should introduce their child to the benefits of football early in life. Unlike other sports, football has numerous benefits. It is a game of fitness and endurance. At the same time, it also teaches the player how to deal with challenges. The game of football is a team game. The competitive spirit is high. The players have a healthy camaraderie- they win or lose together!

When it comes to the game of football, it benefits people of all ages. It is an active form of exercise and helps in the development of psychosocial skills. Football should be encouraged among the youth. The game teaches them team spirit and the joys of togetherness. It has been found that football also makes a person socially responsible. They face lesser behavioral issues over those who do not play the sport.

When you play the game of football, you will find that there is a lot of running, sprinting and exercise involved. There is a huge expenditure of energy that does wonders to the human body. Football also reduces the risk of illness and diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases and more. It is a sport that ensures you are fit and fine all the time!

Jonathan Bunge is fortunate that his parents encouraged him to play football at an early age. He promotes his love for the sport through his writing and encourages parents to allow their children to play this fabulous game. He agrees that the running and sprinting may result in falls and injuries. However, in the process, the player bounces back and starts running again to win not only for himself but for his team mates too!

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