Jonathan Bunge- Reasons Why Kids Should Play Football

Football fans often are an inspiration to others to play the game of football. They are preachers of the wonderful benefits of the game that even many parents are not aware about. This fact has been emphasized by Jonathan Bunge a well-known lover and passionate fan of the sport in Cleveland Ohio. Jonathan is into the transport sector and needs to travel long distances on a regular basis. However, despite the hectic traveling and the demands of his job he never misses the chance to see his favorite football team playing a match. He lives in Cleveland Ohio and his favorite football team is Cleveland Browns.

He encourages young kids to play this amazing sport and has very good reasons to tell their parents why. The sport of football is able to instill many positive qualities in young boys. This game not only gives them fun and excitement but it also teaches them on the importance of leadership skills and team play. Football is not a solo game and it involves the efforts of everyone including the goal keeper. This game is considered to be one of the best in the world and is not a rich man’s game. It is the game of the working class and affordable to everyone.

Football increases the camaraderie of the participants. They are diverse and come from different backgrounds but when it comes to playing the sport they are united. The efforts of one player inspire the other players. If the team fails all fail. If the team wins, everyone wins.

Kids love playing football. They have a lot of motivation when it comes to playing the game as a team. They learn the qualities of timing and discipline. At the same time, they also learn how to work hard. There are challenges in the game and the whole team needs to face them together. The team cannot win with the efforts of just one player. When the adversity and the challenges strike the whole team needs to come together and play. It is only then that they can win or else the team will lose.

There are many parents who are scared of sending their young boys to play or even practice football on a regular basis. The sport is physically demanding and it requires a lot of endurance. There are mothers who are scared of their sons falling and getting injured. However it is very important for you to note that this is not harmful for the mental and physical development of the child. Jonathan Bunge states that if a young boy learns football he will grow up to be a strong and independent human being. He will also be social and develop the positive skills of leadership, discipline, perseverance and team work. These skills are needed for a healthy mental and physical development of the mind and body. According to Jonathan, all boys should be introduced to football and grow up to be mature, friendly and balanced human beings with success!

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