Cox Plate Horse Racing Event

The horse lovers and racers would eagerly wait for the horse racing event which is held in Australia that is recognized as the world’s biggest racing tournament. It is conducted every year by the Moonee valley racing club. This club organizes this cox plate horse racing around worldwide; this is a first tournament for the young horses since it is conducted for horses at the age of 3 and above. This is great reward for the horses since it is conducted for the young horses that are in between the age of 3 and above the horses that participate on this cox plate event are trained by the best coaches.

Every year this racing is organized in grand manner, the ceremony is updated with new features for every year to make it more popular and grand. People of Australia are enjoying this tournament and eagerly wait for those 2 minutes to be happened. Many horse lovers will arrive from different countries to watch this event. The horses that are going to participate are booked in advance through online or offline. The horses that are going to participate in the cox plate are selected first. Many experience jockeys are selected for the tournament to participate in this event, the horses that win can also participate in the Melbourne cup which is world’s largest horse racing tournament. It is a proud racing event horses that win in the Melbourne cup is regarded as the world’s best horse.

This event is conducted with the distance of 2040 meters in well maintained race tournament; popular legends will participate and organize the event. The horses that are selected for the racing will be involved in the betting. One of main event that is making the horse racing more entertainment and thrill is the betting action. Australia has organizing this betting who people who visit to watch the tournament conducted by Moonee club can make bettings on any of the horse that are participating in the cox plate. Betting is also considered to be one way of earning, horse lovers involve in betting actions as they like it very much. There are many options are provided for the betting if one wants to involve in betting then they can bet through either online or offline.

Important considerations for betting

This event is going to happen on October but the betting is started in august month itself, since the people from various countries also choose bet through the online, people who bet in advance will be provided with bonus points and score. Hence many people choose to bet earlier to earn more bonus points, there are few Cox Plate Tips are followed that make you success in winning the event easily. The betting action can be placed on one or more horses which you like to win. If the horse which you have made bet won the cox plate then you will earn more points on it. This cox plate makes many best horses to the world by developing the young horses to the world bi tournaments.