How To Choose A Storage Facility

If you’re in between a move or are simply running out of space in your home consider tapping into the convenience of a storage facility. Store large items, small belongings or anything in between while you work out your move.

Many households rent storage units just to move stuff from their overcrowded homes. As you grow your family and acquire things to accommodate your household storing belongings may be the only option to have some sense of space in your home.

Think Space

Decide on how much space you need before selecting a storage facility. Do you need to store a few keepsakes? Or will you be storing RVs or big boats? Visualize exactly what you need to store and built a list of items you’ll be stocking. You may bring in shelving to stack smaller items and save yourself space. Imagine the cube-like nature of the storage space.

When you begin to think in 3 dimensions you can open up more possibilities and store your items effectively. This helps to eliminate any extra space you may mistakenly purchase.

Explore Options

Plan effectively by identifying the storage option which best fits your needs. You may need a drive-up option for parking your truck or car at the mouth of the storage space. This convenient approach allows you to easily unload storage items from the auto to your rented space.

Other units are part of big buildings. These spaces usually reside on several different levels. You’d likely be using a freight elevator and trolley to move your belongings.

The third type of unit is a portable storage container which you rent to place beside your home. This convenient approach comes with one main drawback; some municipalities view portable storage containers as eye sores and may have laws prohibiting the use of such storage units for extended periods of time.

Price Shop

Deciding on the type of storage and space you require gives you enough information to go price shopping. Visit storage businesses to comparison shop. Different locations and companies may offer vastly different rates. You may see a price spread of a hundred dollars or more between 2 similar storage spaces and locations. Do your homework to find the greatest price for the value you need.

Extend Your Commitment Time

Instead of committing only from month to month consider committing to a longer period of time. Some storage businesses may offer a pro-rated discount which benefits you for committing longer. If you store your belongings for longer than a month you’re likely to save at least a few dollars. Think long term to see a discount and to save your money.

Think Security

If you want your valuables kept safe use storage facilities which offer security options. Some units have working cameras or security guards watching over the facility. Ask about business hours. Check specifically to see if you’ll have access to your belongings during after hours in case you need to remove an item quickly.