Steel Beams and RSJs – A Brief Buyer’s FAQ

These days, getting hold of cheap RSJs in London has never been easier.  Unsurprisingly, this can for the most part be attributed to the Internet, which has brought about a new era of comprehensive access to even the most extraordinarily large and indeed niche building supplies currently on the market in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, when sourcing products of such importance there is far more to the process than simply choosing the first supplier at random and hoping for the best possible outcome.

So in order to assist those who may be looking to place an order for structural steel beams or RSJs in the future, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most commonly asked questions and their respective answers:

1 – What’s the Benefit of Buying Online?

First and foremost, the benefits of buying online are abundant to say the least…assuming of course you buy from the appropriate manufacturer.  Undoubtedly, the single most advantageous thing about buying online is the way in which it gives the buyer the opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler without having to involve any third-parties or middlemen. This is beneficial in many ways, not least because it usually guarantees the lowest prices, the very best customer service standards and the fastest fulfilment of all orders.

2 – How Can I Determine What Makes a Good Online RSJ Seller?

In terms of drawing the line between the online retailers you can trust with your orders and those it’s better to stay away from, the truth is it mostly comes down to little more than simple common sense. For example, the first thing to look into is whether or not there are any signs that you are dealing with a third party reseller as opposed to a direct manufacturer or wholesaler. In addition to this, it’s a good idea only ever do business with those who are willing to offer concrete and fixed prices rather than vague estimates. Be sure to check for signs that the brand you are looking into is based in the United Kingdom rather than abroad, while at the same time ensuring they are in fact a registered business as opposed to some small back-bedroom operation. And finally, take as much time as necessary to look into their reputation and background in order to ensure they really are the best brand for the job.

3 – Why Should I Seek a UK-Based Brand?

There’s a lot to be said for working with a British brand or supplier when it comes to sourcing structural steel components. Of course, some would argue that nothing matters more than putting something back into the local and national economy as opposed to procuring from overseas, but there is in fact a great deal more to it than this. First of all, when you think of the logistics of getting large and heavy orders of structural steel from the Far East to an address in the United Kingdom, you’re of course looking at a minefield of potential delays and problems. Not only this, but it’s worth taking into account the fact that quality standards and manufacturing rules/regulations are completely different in every country the world over – many not coming close to those of the UK. Last up, it’s also worth bearing in mind that there will quite possibly be language barriers to deal with when it comes to customer service and advice – not to mention the obvious problems associated with any potential returns.

4 – Is It Worth Buying Second Hand?

Last but not least, the fact that there are so many second hand steel beams and RSJs on the market right now for incredibly low prices seems to make the idea in general something of a no-brainer. The products are there, they’re located right here in the United Kingdom and the prices they are on offer for a massively lower than standard retail prices. Unfortunately, however, it isn’t quite as simple as this as while there are plenty of structural steel supplies up for sale right now that are indeed excellent purchase options, there are just as many to the contrary…if not more. The simple fact of the matter is that if you do not buy all such products from a recognised and reputable manufacturer or retailer, you technically have no idea what it is you are actually being supplied with. You won’t know exactly how old the beams are, how they have been used or whether or not they have been affected by any damages or defects over the years.  Second hand is always an option, but only if buying from a retailer you know you can trust.