Know More About The Disadvantages Of Whatsapp

Every coin has two sides thus every aspect  of life has pros and cones both positive is balanced in the presence if negative and so are there  advantages and disadvantages of whatsapp of the brilliant application whatsapp such as we can chat to the friends who carry a smart phone which supports this application and the person should have an activated account on this app we must have an access to internet like a data connection or a wi-fi connection to interchange the messages for free and if the person is not online the messages are not sent into the phone inbox which means that till the time the person will not activate the internet source he/ she will not be aware of the messages being sent to them on whatsapp, which is the biggest lack when the person is at a place with no internet source .one of the negative aspects of whatsapp is that it gets outdated after a few days if service and we also need to pay $0.99 for renewal after every year.

We cannot call our friends using this app for free. Some videos and attachments cannot be sent through whatsapp if they have a higher number of megabytes and if sent consumes time. Whatsapp call service, although is a great initiative, but does not works up to the mark, the bad sound quality and the delay of voice is the lack in this service provided by whatsapp

Apart from the technical problems of whatsapp, it has some disadvantages which affect our lives like whatsapp or any other messaging app is a time waste in simple words. Zuckerberg is not going to fall any step back to let the level and craziness of Whatsapp fall, It is even coming with whole new interface for the coming series of smartphones like Note 6 and Xperia Z6! It has no age limit and thus in today’s time almost each and every person of varying age group has a whatsapp account and at such a stage whatsapp proves to be a disadvantage as obviously it binds the user interested, sometimes interest goes to such a height that user is not even bothered what is going on in the surroundings and is just busy chatting on whatsapp which can lead to a great harm even.