4 Traditional Online Marketing Techniques That Still Work

In the age of digital marketing, many would think that traditional online marketing techniques are dead. Even today, cold calls still remain a go-to method when trying to generate warm leads and/or hot sales. Despite the massive digital revolution, traditional marketing is far from being over. Despite the massive digital revolution, traditional online marketing is far from being over, and believe it or not, a lot of marketers are fond of using these techniques quite often. Why? That is because they still work, especially when combined with other online strategies.

It holds true that some of these techniques have declined, but it is not necessarily true to others out there. If you’re wondering which traditional online marketing techniques are worth trying, then you have come to the right place. Here they are!

#1. Emails

Yes, that is right – emails remain one of the strongest online marketing technique. In fact, it seems like a crime to even call it a “traditional” method. It is true, though, that marketing using email has started since time immemorial, but despite the growth of social media and other marketing platforms, emails are still worth trying. Besides, billions of people across the world use it. So why would you steer clear from something that could provide benefits to you too? It’s worth noting, however, that the advancement of Internet technology has given birth to various email marketing techniques, such as newsletter and email flyers.

#2. SEO      

Do you want to know what another cliché in the world of marketing is? “SEO is dead.” You’ll be surprised by the number of people who actually believe this. As a matter of fact, many online marketers have been claiming this since 1997. While it’s true that search engines like Google have tried changing their algorithm to better suit user experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that SEO should be neglected. It’s not going away, no matter what happens. It just looks more mature and sophisticated now compared to the past.

#3. Social Proof      

Are you wondering what a hotdog stand has in common with Amazon.com? Well, it’s none other than social proof. The latter is also known as “informational social influence,” which refers to people who follow the same actions or behaviours of others around them. So if the hot dog stand has a long line of people waiting to be served, you could probably say that it’s serving great hot dogs. For instance, you have been looking for some paid advertising strategies to use, say, in platforms such as Click2sell.co, or something similar. Although you are not sure which strategy works the best, you are confident it’s the one that people like you often use and speak positively about.     

#4. Content Marketing

It can’t be denied that many online marketers use content marketing. What you probably didn’t know is that way before the Internet became a thing, content marketing already existed. An epitome here is Michelin, which is popular not only for being a tire manufacturer but as well as an information provider. The information it provides comes from Michelin star ratings and maps, among others. But before it bloomed into a successful business entity, its humble beginning was all about content marketing strategy.