Know More About ENT Specialists!

The ENT in ENT doctor is a short form for Ear, nose, and throat. Specifically, they are known as Otolaryngology/ head and neck surgeon. Otolaryngology and ENT is exactly the same thing, somewhere it is called ENT specialist and somewhere otolaryngology. In this check-up, a tube is put in the children’s ears in case of any chronic infection or any kind of sinus problem.

ENT’s perform the test with the device called nasopharyngascope. It is nothing other than a fiber-based optic camera that is inserted in the nose to have an image of ear, nose, and throat. They all are interconnected. ENT’s also frequently suggest CT scan to their patients as well as MRI of the head in some cases. These imaging tests could cost different. ENT’s commonly prescribe antibiotics for infections. There are a number of good ENT specialists in India who can even treat the ENT cancers. These cancers are also known as head and neck cancers. This type of cancer affects the soft tissue organs present in the head or neck.

These cancers are very common as it includes cancers such as nose cancer, thyroid cancer, and lymphoid cancer. Nose cancer is more likely to occur in men whereas the thyroid cancer mostly affects women. There are a number of symptoms which can result in some critical disease, so it is always advised to visit a doctor or ENT specialist in case of any of these symptoms:

Lump in the neck: A short-term lump is very common but if it lasts more than two weeks, causing a lot of pain, should be immediately seen by the doctor. Lumps can sometimes lead to these cancers. A lump in the front of the neck may be an indicator of thyroid cancer but there is no need to worry or panic about the lump.

Nosebleeds: it usually occurs in the season of summer because of trauma to the nose lining due to the number of factors such as dryness in the weather, any type of allergy or infection. When nosebleeds happen frequently, it can be the sign of nose cancer.

Swelling: A swelling in the area of the throat or near this area for more than a week is another big symptom of ENT cancer, which should be checked by the doctor as soon as possible. This becomes worse when accompanied by the lump.

Heavy voice: Hoarseness in the voice box can also be the sign of thyroid cancer, Nerves to the voice box is present behind the thyroid gland and can be affected by cancer.

Difficult in Swallowing: a feeling of sticking of food in the throat is also an indicator of thyroid cancer, An X-ray of the throat can well determine the problem as well as the severity of the disease.

ENT cancers can be treated successfully as there are some brilliant ENT specialists in India. The earlier the treatment is done, the easier it becomes. Side effects are also almost negligible. Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy are the common treatments for head and neck cancers.