A Brief History and Essential Facts About The Best NCAA Teams

There have been a number of teams who have been a part of the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball. They have played exceptionally good basketball and have attracted fans from all over. But the huge number of basketball teams there has been a few teams who are considered to be all time favorites. These teams have been able to achieve great heights of success and people talk about these teams even today.

Some important details about the all-time best basketball teams are given below:

  • The Duke Blue Devils who were champions in the year 1992: Certain basketball experts consider this team to be one of the best teams so far. There were a number of eminent basketball players who were a part of this basketball team. Grant Hill and Christian Laettner can be considered to be some of the best players who were a part of this historic basketball team. In fact, “The shot” hit by Laetther is considered to be the best moment of college basketball. It was Duke who finally shattered the Michgan State and went on to win the finals. This win is considered to be one of the most memorable wins in the single session of NCAA.
  • The Kentucky Wildcats, who were the champions in the year 1996: This team was considered as the deepest roster by many basketball experts. Derek Anderson, Walter McCarty, Ron Mercer, Antoine Walker and Tony Delk were some of the most eminent basketball players who were considered to be a part of this great team. This team set a world record in the year 1996 by winning 27 games consecutively.
  • UCLA Bruins, the basketball champions of the year 1972: This team is considered to be the best basketball team ever. They were led by the legend Bill Waton who helped this team to get a perfect score of 30-0. They were able to beat all their competitors by 32 points on an average and were able to win the title successfully.

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