Rugby World Cup…Full ON Action

The Rugby World Cup is different from other sports. The cup brings the most fiercest of opponents together and they fight it out for the cup. Rugby is the game of strength and power, where men fight it out for the ball. The five teams that dominate the game are South Africa, New Zeland, Australia, Wales and England. With the Rugby World Cup 2015, hosted in England, it’s high time for them to grab their firepower and win the cup in front of their home crowd.

The southern hemisphere dominance has haunted the other teams in this game. But, there are chances that this time, a new team or an underdog will emerge to be the winner. It takes a moment of glory to change the course of the history and we hope that something new happens in this rugby world cup.

Are you rooting for an underdog team or a champion? Show your support by buying the rugby world cup ticket. The rugby world cup is in England and you will surely love the atmosphere presented by the beautiful country. England is also a great place to have booze and fun with the girls.

The Rugby World Cup started in 1987 and have been held at 4 years interval from there. The cup is named after William Webb Ellis. He is popular for initiating the idea of Rugby, when he ran onto the football field and grabbed the ball with his hands. The story is spectacular, but skeptics are not convinced by this.

The dominance of the southern hemisphere has shadowed the Rugby World Cup. The top 4 nations are Australia, New Zeland, South Africa And England. The first three teams have won the rugby world cup for 2 times each with England only once. Do you think that England can come up magic and make their tally on par with the three other top teams? The hopes are high and it’s high time for the England team to take advantage of their home ground to win the matches and the cup!

The format of the game is similar to other sports such as Cricket. The tournament is divided into four groups (A-D), each group comprising of 5 teams each, totalling the number of teams to be 20. The top teams in each group are selected based on their rankings and the last few teams are selected according to the qualifiers that are held in a different zone of the world.

Each team plays four other teams in the group and the top teams are qualified for the next knockout stage. The knockout stage comprises of quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals. The winner grabs the trophy and tons of prizes as money.

The underdog teams are Ireland, Fiji, Samoa, and Canada — these teams qualify to the quarterfinals, but never move to the next stage of the knockout. The biggest underdog is Ireland as they have appeared five times in the quarterfinals.

The beast of the men will be shown in the upcoming Rugby World Cup, where talent and power mix themselves to bring the best sports showcase in the whole world. Do not forget to buy the tickets and support your team.

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