Is It A Good Idea To Use TV In The Classroom?

Technology has changed so much of what happens in the classrooms around the world on a regular basis. Technology can be a very valuable tool in the classroom, but technology can also be a big distraction in the classroom. A common issue that students, teachers and parents have encountered is using TV in the classroom. It is the common assumption that teachers only pop in a video for their students when they do not feel like doing a lot of work, and students additionally look forward to these days when they do not need to put forth a lot of effort.

However, parents can become understandably frustrated when teachers use educational videos in the classroom because they might feel like their students are missing out on valuable education time. The truth is that educational videos and TV shows have changed drastically over the years, and there are a lot of good and bad options out there for teachers to use in the classroom. Here are a few examples of how to properly use TV in the classroom to help students.

To give Students a Better View of the Subject

There are a lot of subjects that may be difficult for students to grasp if they don’t get a more real life view of it. For example, a text book can show pictures and explain what a giraffe looks like, but many students will not be able to fully grasp what a giraffe really looks like and acts without seeing a video of it. There are a lot of great educational TV shows on Direct TV that teachers can use to illustrate these points for their students.

To Peak Students Interest in a Subject

Many students are exposed to a lot of technology in their daily lives. For this reason, they may not be as responsive to lecture or notes-based classrooms and need another form to help peak their interest. Educational videos can give students a more interesting view on a subject and help teachers engage them in a new way.

To Work with different Learning Styles of Students

Every student has a different learning style. It is the teacher’s job to give students options for learning in each style so that every student can succeed no matter what their learning styles are. Visual learning is a popular learning style, and educational videos can be a great way to reach those students who work best in a visual learning style.

To encourage Interaction between Students and Teachers

Today’s classroom can become very one-sided. Many teachers are just lecturing their classes without engaging them in discussion or letting the students play a more significant role in their learning process. To get students excited about their school days and give them more ways to learn and comprehend a subject, teachers should encourage natural interactions. Educational TV can be a great way to start conversations and get students interested in discussing a certain subject.