International Women’s Day – A Time To Reflect And Celebrate

This Saturday, people around the globe will celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s theme, “Inspiring change,” reflects not only the milestones women have made over the years but also points to the tremendous potential for even greater change in the years to come.

Celebrations Big and Small

From the official observance at the United Nations to multiple events around the world like fashion shows to benefit shelters and webinars on cyber security International Women’s Day will once again highlight the growing international women’s movement. But in many ways, it will be the quiet conversations that strengthen the meaning behind IWD as well as the acknowledgment of women who help raise voices for those who generally cannot.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to recognize the women in your life who amaze, inspire, and otherwise demonstrate their commitment to bring out the best in people everywhere. Maybe it’s a shout-out on your Facebook page or a Tweet or two about your mom/sister/grandma/friend—anyone who’s made a difference in your life and the lives of other women. You can even send a gift like a bouquet of flowers, through a company like Flora2000, to someone who captures the meaning of IWD.

Donate in Someone’s Name

One of the nicest ways to acknowledge a special friend or relative is by making a donation in her name. IWD can be the perfect opportunity to highlight your admiration and benefit an organization that directly improves the lives of women. Perhaps it’s an international organization like The International Breast Cancer Foundation or something closer to home such as a local women’s shelter or a clinic that helps an underserved population.

Post an IWD Tribute Photo to Instagram

A picture is worth . . . well, certainly more than a thousand words, especially if you can share it with people all over the world. Posting a photo that exemplifies the talent and commitment of women who are making the world a better place not only puts a face to the work they do but also serves as an inspiration to others to do the same.

Appreciate the Women in Your Life

International Woman’s Day is a great time for you to show appreciation for the women that have made all the difference in your life. Some times small little acts of kindness is the best way to show you care. This could be done through a simple phone call or the delivery of your special woman’s favorite treat. Either way, this is an important day to show you care.

Tie your celebration to Spring

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that spring starts not long after IWD. Spring implies rebirth and change, characteristics that reflect much of what is required to achieve greater awareness of women’s equality, more women in senior leadership roles, and growth of women-owned businesses. If you can, purchase something from a locally-own woman-owned business—maybe a gift shop, or a florist. This is a great way to demonstrate your support and give recognition to IWD.

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