Ideas To Make The Bedroom Look Appealing

Bedrooms are a man’s go-to for comfort, warmth and peace. It is his den, his refuge. It is the centre of attraction for the dweller of the house. It is his pride, his ultimate source of solace. Therefore there is tremendous pressure on the homeowner as well as the designer to turn that dream of a perfect bedroom into reality. Here are a few to-dos to keep in mind if you are planning to design or re-design your bedroom.


  1. Be realistic about the space you have as well as the shape and size of the room. For e.g. you can’t have king-size canopy beds in small bedrooms as it would eat up most the space and render a boxy look.
  2. Zero in on a theme and then decide on the colour scheme, mood, ambience and lighting during different times of the day.
  3. Make a list of the things (in terms of furniture) you definitely want in the room and the rest could be replaced with alternative ideas.

Tips for Planning Small Bedrooms:

  1. Since the bed is the main furniture one can save space by using a daybed which is generally smaller and cosier.
  2. If one is not willing to compromising on the size then place it in the whole formed by a structure of closets and hanging cabinets in and around the headboard. This also eliminates the need of cupboards.
  3. Have mirrors of varying lengths fixed to the doors of closets this eliminates the need of dressers.
  4. Use a basic mellow colour theme like white with pale yellow/blue/pink/orange which will be accentuated by the daylight pouring in through windows in the morning creating the illusion of lots of open space.
  5. For a romantic ambience use tinted lampshades hanging from the ceiling that will create a soft glow of filtered light, highlights and shadows. This also saves the space of bulky lamps at side tables.
  6. Use beds with headboards but avoid footboards. Also make sure these beds have in-built storage spaces underneath them.
  7. Paint the ceiling in a different hue.
  8. Do up children’s bedrooms in warm solid colours like yellow, green or red. Apply textures and avoid designs. Use storeyed bed to save space in case of more than 1 kid
  9. Colour co-ordinate the fabrics of the room such as quilts, sheets, curtain, and pillow and cushion covers with the colour of the walls. One simple trick is a white interior can house as many different colour fabrics as is possible giving a cheerful look.

Tips for Medium or Large Bedrooms:

  1. Retain the space by avoiding clutter. Avoid bean bags and heavy chairs in the room.
  2. Make the ambience feel serene by adding a few potted plants at corners or near windows.
  3. Use shelved walls.
  4. Install a cosy swing or hammock of sorts in a corner if you like.
  5. Experiment with bold contrasts as the effect will spread uniformly and the effect will not be gory.
  6. Accentuate one of walls in a different shade and adorn it with wall lamps and frames or a reading chair with a tiny side table.
  7. Use blinds, shutters or window treatments to regulate light in your room as you please.

Enjoy the above the whole designing experience with the above tips!

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