5 Garage Door Safety Tips

Since the garage door is the biggest and likely heaviest moving object around the home getting your garage door safety tips down pat will help you avoid any dangerous situations. Whether you’re hurrying or simply ignorant to the possible perils of both garage doors and opening devices can lead to deadly situations. Before you use your door get well-versed in garage door safety tips.

Make sure your entire family follows these tips. If your children are old enough to use an opener they better know how to properly operate the device.

Follow these 5 garage door safety tips to protect your family.

Not Play Things

Some children – and adults – treat the garage door and opener as a toy. Avoid life-threatening situations by using both door and opener with care. These are not toys. Explain to everybody in the household that the door should be used only when cars or people are entering or exiting the garage area. Children should never play games involving the door with one another because serious injuries can occur when a massive moving part causes damage to life and limb.

No Children Allowed

Even if your children are able to operate a garage door operating system and opener make each off limits to keep your family safe. Kids shouldn’t be able to run or play by garage doors and they should not be allowed to stand under or by garage doors either. Make the door area an off limits zone to train your kids to stay away from this portion of the property. Moving doors are dangerous doors. Avoid emergency trips to the hospital. Prevent your children from being around the garage door area.

Keep the Door in Sight

If you’re opening or closing a garage door don’t let it exit your field of site until the door has opened or closed entirely. Family members or pets shouldn’t be allowed to walk around or under the garage door while it’s moving as too many bad things can happen as this combination of events occurs. If someone trips and falls under the door while its closing serious injury can occur.

Perform Annual Maintenance

Have annual maintenance performed to ensure that your garage door operates properly. Accidents may occur if the door isn’t working effectively. Have a garage door repair specialist visit your home once to twice a year to look at the door. If you note something wrong with the door have a repair person visit your home as quickly as possible to address the issue.

If You Back into the Door Have it Checked Out

Most drivers have backed into their garage doors at one time or another. Don’t ignore your mistake though because even if all looks okay on the exterior you may have caused serious damage to the operating system. Make sure all rails are aligned to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring.

If you need to get in touch with a garage door specialist contact the Overhead Door Company in Colorado Springs.