Hunting For An Electrician Now Just Requires A Tap On Your Phone!

Switched off lights look good only when not in use& when you want to sleep! But what when because of some electrical glitches the light goes off and you were just about to finish some important work! You wished how there was a gini who said “your wish is my command” & phew! The light came!!! Well till date no such ginies exist & you have to go around looking for electricians in your neighbourhood unless you know one! Not only that, but also hunt for an electrical shop where you will get all the fixtures needed. Well the process does not stop at that, you have to convince the electrician to come to your house now. Now that is a task. These days people will turn up only when they want to and shower all the attitude on top of that! Now by the time he actually agrees to land up at your place & fixes the light, you must have felt , how great would it be to a café nearby & finish off the work rather than bear all the brunt of the electrician & waste so much time!

Imagine your wife calls you in the middle of a meeting asking you to send an electrician asap as guests are there & are getting uncomfortable because of the electrical fault. At such a crucial time of the meeting you don’t want to put your head in solving all these issues, aren’t those sales target on the board enough load on you for now! Either you scream & fight over it or spend the next ten minutes hunting for an electrician’s no. in your contact list. Both are a waste of effort & will only get you insults from your wife once you are back home.

To save you from all the hassles Housejoy brings to your door step-electrical consultants&electrical contractors to render electrical services whenever you want them! These are trained professionals who will drop into your house just when you need them with all the required equipment’s & fixtures. These trusted service providers will resolve the issue in not time so that you need not spend that extra buck & waste time in going to the nearby café! Every urgency is catered to, all you need to do is just ping our service providers. A complete holistic solutions for all housewives & a great relaxation for all husbands who will now be able to avoid the constant nagging done by their better halves. All they need to do is install Housejoy’s app in their wives phone & both are sorted. A complete range of services including online laundry service is available just on a tap. Your wife is sure gonna shower extra love on you & give you brownie points for installing that app. You have no idea the amount of load which is taken care of with the help of the app. That smile on her face for sure tells it all!!

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