Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Best In Its Class

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the 4th generation device in the Galaxy Note series. And this is the best so far as well. Although other manufactures like Apple also started to produce the same class device but no one can snatch the big display smartphone crown from the Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 powered with 5.7 inches display with a massive resolution of 2K pixels. The display is created by technology PenTile RGB (if briefly – green subpixels here two times more than red and blue, that is, it RGBG, and not RGB), because in comparison with the “honest “matrix to RGB they had worse image quality, it’s not even clear what you can complain about – the information on the display looks just fine.

Furthermore, such displays have very small power consumption, so that even with such a resolution one smartphone battery to live long enough. Top display is closed with newest glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which compared with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 has a high strength and resistance to scratches.

There is also a special layer for intelligent processing of pen pressure. (None of the competitors have anything like that; it’s a proprietary feature of the series Note.) Viewing angles of smartphone – excellent, rejecting a large angle to the vertical-horizontal only slightly decreases the brightness. Black when changing angles does not change at all, but pure white color even at small angles of inclination becomes light greenish-bluish tint.

In direct sunlight at 100% brightness information was quite distinguishable, however, when using automatic adjustment of the smart phone in the sun include additional backlight, resulting in significantly enhanced brightness and readability significantly increased.

The more that you can customize the color profiles of the device, there would be better-saturated colors, while looking very natural. “Adaptive Display” – there is an automatic optimization of the color range, saturation and sharpness for desktop applications and basic shell TouchWiz.

There is also good oleophobic coating, which makes the screen effective anti-glare filter. In general, the display of Galaxy Note 4 is excellent. Yes, well, to talk about that, the matrix on the PenTile RGB real resolution is twice lower than the declared because Samsung believes the green subpixels, of which twice as many red and blue but the resolution here – 2560×1440 pixels is really excellent. You can’t expect a better display.

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Note 4 with traditional shell for Samsung TouchWiz, which is now actively being finalized. By the way, note how much distance remains between the icons and vertically and horizontally. There really is placed only 4×4 = 16 icons (without lower constant band), although such a display would be easily placed 5×5 = 25 icons.

Still in the new TouchWiz few things you would like and few not. Let’s see if Samsung could bring the revolution in TouchWiz too. You can expect a better TouchWiz UI in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.