How Wonderfully Vincent and His Group Is Working For the Mid Atlantic Community in the US

Vincent Paparella is the Vice President at Dawood Engineering, Inc. a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Based major engineering corporate. Vincent has been working for Dawood in this position for over 17 years. He joined this specialist Civil Engineering Group in 1998 and since then he has contributed a lot in wide-ranging developmental activities and projects of his organization. After completion of his Associate Degree of Science with specialization in Engineering from Hagerstown Junior College, Vincent Paparella kicked off his professional life and joined Byers & Runyon Surveying as its Survey Technician in 1993. He was associated with Byers for 4 years and 5 months before stepping into Dawood.

Incepted in 1992, Dawood is a multi-disciplinary, professionally managed consulting firm that specializes in major civil engineering projects, geotechnical engineering, land development, environmental services and has great demands in industries for its exclusive surveying services. Being recognized as one of the most victorious, efficient and leading civil engineering enterprises it has greater access in both public as well as private projects and works all over Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia. With its headquarter in the Harrisburg the nationally famed enterprise also offers high quality services concerning areas like Energy, Survey and Mapping, Traffic Analysis & Design, Geotechnical and Geophysical matters and more.

In the recent years, out of the major projects handled by Dawood, the significant one is the joint effort made by Dawood Engineering, Inc. and Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors in National Surveyors Week, with a view to meet the objective of the latest public project ‘Reaching New Heights’. The key objective of this federally organized project is to reduce as well, eliminate the zones in Pennsylvania, where the geodetic data (as recorded) is found poor.  The Pennsylvania based major surveyor company was authorized to undertake the project, after necessary evaluation on their competence to deal with the plan. Vincent Paparella, who has played the role of a key project manager and surveyor for this project stated in a press meeting that Dawood Engineering is equipped with one of the largest and most efficient surveyors in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

The company hires top talents from the industry to join the group and work as surveyor for this esteemed enterprise. After absorption, they are given advanced level training enabling them to act effectively in developmental activities of cities, towns and for the nation as a whole. Based upon the source of information provided by clients, further study is done that help understand the detailed situation, facts and figures before commencement of any job. For identifying working on environmental concerns, topographical characteristic and other related factors the surveyor team is highly efficient. Aside from large scale commercial constructional projects, the company offers its specialized services in diversified areas.

Aside from Civil Engineering Vincent Paparella has vast expertise in comprehensive areas topographic surveys, land development, erosion control, storm-water management, grading, highway plans, ALTA surveys and site plans. Some other areas that comes under the job responsibility of Vincent are Drainage, Water resources, Geotechnical engineering, Hydrology and so on.

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