Nokia XL Smartphone Is Now Available With Better Cost

Microsoft is one of the best organizations to establish the smart phones in the market. It has been established the Nokia XL designed with large screen. And it is a Smartphone with android based. Now it is available in the Indian market. This handset can purchase through online at the cost of Rs.11, 489. It is available in the online store.

Nokia XL has the large screen with 5-inch, RAM to 768MB. And this handset also has the back facing camera 5mega-pixel with LED flash and front facing camera with 2mega-pixel.

This Smartphone is charged by the 1GHz with the dual core snapdragon processor. Also has the feature of Dual. The dual-SIM facility is there in this handset.  This has admission of entering the 3G services to this handset. And 800×480pixels with display resolution, provides 4GB of MicroSD card free along with the phone. Nokia gives this MicroSD card is free with the phone.

And the Nokia XL is there with only in the Android operating system with the customized version. So that’s why that does not provide the allowance of apps in the Google and services of the Google.  Play store of Google is also not there in this Nokia XL handset.

Even so, this Nokia XL comes under the own app store with Nokia. Now here it is available for location with the maps and storage of the drive. Nokia’s FM radio service is also available for this Nokia XL.

The apps in this phone use for instance of some kind of service at the Google. And also has online payment through Google Wallet for particular periods, and to see the location in the Maps. The important point is that don’t use the phone except wearing to the developer in the Nokia’s store.

Nokia XL Smartphone is fully loaded with Nokia to provide services at the Microsoft like Sky Drive, One Drive, Google’s software to the alternatives.

The Smartphone Nokia X is the first released in the market and first manufactured to the X series phone. It is also available in the market with minimum priced at Rs.7, 729. This is also available in the Indian market through online system. Compared to Nokia X, the Smartphone Nokia XL has the extended features. Extra more features are available in this Smartphone when compared to Nokia X handset. Nokia XL has the largest screen compared to Nokia X handset.

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