How Passionately Ronald Desires To Develop and Uphold the Jewish Cultures in the US

Ronald Safdieh, the president of Dameron Fine Art, Lakewood, New Jersey has been symbolized as a devoted, successful communicator and great educator owing to his  passion and endeavor towards restoring Jewish traditional values in the United States. To achieve his goal, Ronald has many times met the former US President George W. Bush, who appreciated him for his dedicated efforts and wished him all success. Ronald also met the former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and discussed about his activities as a senior associate member of the Northeast Sephardic Jewish community.

Dameron Fine Art is a boys’ K-8 Jewish school that maintains superior academic standards while emphasizing on each student’s knowledge and personality development based upon the profoundness of Sephardic heritage. The community offers comprehensive study curricula aiming to develop both textual and comprehensive skills of learners in accordance with the guidelines and fundamentals of the Torah. Dameron is acknowledged as one of the most prominent and heritage schools which are wholly dedicated to reinforce the Jewish culture and continue its legacy in American continent.

For young boys belong to the Jewish community and wish to explore the background and culture of Jewish are welcome to enroll them at Dameron Fine Arts, NJ. Notably, equipped with a huge digital library with across-the-board collection of exclusive Jewish books, articles and texts together with its knowledgeable faculty members, Dameron is the paramount one Jewish School in its category for all students living in New Jersey and its surrounding states.

At Dameron, students are introduced and given through knowledge of Jewish culture, concepts and tradition. They learn about the legendary activities and accomplishments achieved by their ancestors’ which are rooted in the history. A major part of this school’s academic curriculum is specially designed by Ronald Safdieh that’s just not cover information about the origins of the Jews, but gives a complete knowledge about the guidelines and instructions mentioned in the Torah that are entrenched with Jewish culture all through the ages.

The specialty of the institute is aside from making students up to date about traditional Jewish culture, it teaches them the methodologies to incorporate those ideologies of Jewish religion into their day to day livelihood. Ronald Safdieh is happy, having noticed the growing number of students passionate to know about Jewish heritage and are taking admission in Dameron Fine Arts in the recent years. Out of them, the majority are from the Jewish and Sephardic community living in New Jersey and adjoining areas.

Ronald Safdieh states that teaching children about the heritage and values of Sephardic culture is vital. In his opinion, by putting in those traditional values and morals in them during their young age, there is every possibility that they will incorporate those values in both their professional and domestic lives bringing overall improvement in the society. Importantly, the institute never tries to impose students to learn these ideologies, but wholeheartedly help them to know, learn, understand and value the religious excellence of Jewish ancestry and to follow them.

While there’re Jewish communities countrywide, no matter, whether you’re migrated or born-and-brought-up in the US Ronald is a personality who sincerely welcomes all Jews, irrespective of their backgrounds who are eager to learn the principles and beliefs of the Torah and Sephardic heritage.

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